Aug 10

Today, Scott and I went to the Indiana State Fair.  I was scheduled to demonstrate spinning from 2-6 PM, so we had the day before then to enjoy the fair.  Both of us love the Pioneer Village area and that is where we spent the majority of our time.  Here is what we saw:


Some good music.  My Dad would have love seeing this.  I need to get him and Kathy up to the State Fair next summer.


Woodwright shop busily making a mess – and enjoying themselves in the process.


Replica school room.


The roof of the new Glass Barn is very interesting.


A Hoosier Cabinet.


Wheelwright shop.


A weaver.


Blacksmith shop.  The man closest to me wanted to make sure his hair looked right before he let me take his picture. 🙂


Cooper making another mess.  Really, men make the best messes.  Actually, his buckets and kegs were beautiful.


Taking 40 winks after lunch.  He was really sleep and had no idea this was being taken, but one of his buddies sure thought it was funny.


Allison Dobbs and Ruth Gerbig of Westfield Woolies did it again!  We have dibs on everything they put into the state fair, so guess what Sandy and I are getting?  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Birthday boy!  David is 50 years old, now.  Where did the last 20 years go?  We all agree that we feel like 30 years of age is just possible, but 50?  Nope!  No way! No How!

Sandy and I are going tomorrow and we will be demonstrating spinning at the Home and Family Arts Building from 2-6.  I can’t wait to get more pistures – especially of the animals.