Aug 7

Sorry I am late getting my “J” shots posted.  It’s been busy, both at home and at work, so getting the opportunity to download the pictures from the camera and get them processed wasn’t there.

But, I had some fun getting my “J” pictures.  Most of these were found in Scott’s studio (and I found a lot of “K” ideas, too!).


Jingle!  And, yes, that is a dye jar full of water as the weight.  Hey, it works!

J hook

J shaped hook on one of the planters.


Jewelry – Specifically my Mom’s.  And yes, that turquoise ring is bent.  She got it caught on a door handle.  I am going to get it reshaped so I can wear it.  Mom loved silver jewelry.


Jambox in Scott’s studio.


Jaw bone on Hairy the Skull.

Japanese soldier

Japanese soldier from WWII.  Scott has the best props in his studio.  This guy has been used for a couple of comic books.


The Joker.  I love this guy – you can fill him up with water and it will squirt out his flower when you push a button on his back.  I had to show it to Scott – twice. 🙂

J Jonah Jamison

J. Jonah Jamison!  I got three J’s in that one!


And last, but certainly not least – Johnny Saturn!  This is Scott’s very first attempt at painting glazes onto a bisque plate and having it fired.  The man has too much talent.

Let’s see who else have their J’s up.

Delighted Hands

My Yellow Swing

Sanna’s Bag

Ordinary But Interesting

When other sites have posted theirs, I’ll update this post to add them in.