Jul 28

Well, it is 99% complete.  I still need to install the floor vent covers and do a little touch up with the paint, but as far as I am concerned, I am ready to work in there.


This photo shows off the peach color I painted three of the walls.  Sandy suggested peach, and I am glad she did.  I have a second, untouched gallon that I will use for the bathroom (door near the center of the shot above) and the rest of it up stairs.


This shot shows the green accent wall.  This wall is where I need to do the touch up.  Along the door frame, when I took off the painter’s tape, some of the green paint did bad things and now I need to very carefully repaint it.  But that will come when I paint the bathroom.  Like I said, for now I am done!

The closet you see above has these deep, very sturdy shelves built into it.  Since they had to be strong enough to hold Scott’s entire collection of 72 long boxes of comic books, they are more than strong enough for anything I can store in there.  In fact, I joked that I was going to put a blow-up mattress on one of then and bring down blankets and pillows in case I needed a nap while weaving.


This lovely brown cabinet is from an antique mall somewhere around here and it will be used to house some of my better cones of wool yarn.  I have a lot of yarn to weave up, and I can hardly wait!

So, that is what I have been doing this week while not at the hospital with Scott’s family.  And speaking of that, Leslie is doing very well.  This last surgery closing up the leg incision was the ticket.  Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.