Jul 27

When we got to the hospital yesterday afternoon, Scott’s mom was restless, fussy and in some pain.  Missy and Floyd were exhausted, so we sent them home and settled in with helping Leslie feel more comfortable.  Part of the problem, also, was that she was both hungry and thirsty, but she did NOT want hospital food.  So, we suggested ordering a pizza and having it delivered and that sparked her interest.  Domino’s has a gluten-free pizza crust, so we ordered a pizza to her specifications and I ran down to meet the delivery man when he arrived.

She ate two whole slices, the most food she had eaten all day, and drank copious amounts of water.  Earlier, Physical Therapy had gotten her to stand up on her good leg, briefly, while I supported her neck.  She didn’t trust them to do it, but her “Niter-Skeeter” was the person she trusted.  I was glad to help, although the brace she had on around her neck really did the work.  She didn’t trust the brace, either.  After all of that, she slept for a while, which is really what she needed.

When the nurse came in to check everything at 6:00, they found that her leg incision was leaking and they had to change her sheets, dressings and immobility brace.  At one point, there were 5 doctors and 2 nurses besides Leslie and me in her tiny ICU room.  Poor Scott couldn’t handle all the blood and activity and went to the waiting room until I gave the all-clear.  Leslie wanted me near her, so she and I whispered together and kept her mind off of what they were doing to her leg.

This morning, she went in for what we hope was her final surgery where they sewed up the rest of the last incision (about a foot in length remained).  She came out of the anesthesia much better today and woke up hungry.  Missy went down to the cafeteria and got her a baked potato and some veggie soup, poured the veggie soup over the potato and mushed it up.  Leslie ate the entire thing and sent Missy down for another one.  That is such good news!  Between the pizza last night and the potatoes, that was more food than she had eaten all week.

Right now, they are talking about moving her to rehab sometime early next week.  Your prayers are helping so please keep them coming.  She has to wear the brace on her neck for three months and a leg brace with no weight allowed on her right leg for two months, so she has a long way to go before she is healed.  But considering she could have died, been paralyzed, or lost her right leg from above the knee, she has been very blessed to have her injuries as they are.

Other than that, my studio is all painted, the carpet cleaned, and I’m ready to pull the painter’s tape off and start the moving in process.  That will start tomorrow morning before we head back to the hospital in the afternoon to relieve Floyd.  Poor Missy has to go back to work tomorrow as we will have to on Monday.