Jul 20

Cue up the Rocky theme song, I did it!!!  Last night at about 10 past 8, I wove in the last end on the last sock of the year’s Tour de Fleece challenge.

To recap, my challenge was to spin yarn strong enough and smooth enough to knit socks and then knit those socks.  I started with this:


Four ounces of Frabjous Fiber 70% BFL/30% Tussah silk in their Tourmaline colorway.  With the word Tour in the color name, how could I go wrong, right?


I decided to fractile spin it by splitting half of it into 8ths and the other half into 4ths.  This way I was hoping I wouldn’t get obvious stripes, but muted hints at stripes.


By the end of the first week of the Tour, I had this, but was it fine enough to be considered sock weight?


Oh, yeah!  Even though I was able to spin the whole braid in a week at sock-weight fineness, I was very careful to pull out anything that wouldn’t be nice and smooth against my feet.


And the socks I knitted from it are everything a lady could hope for.  They have hints of stripes, but aren’t stripey, the heathered colors will go with lots of things I wear, and they are so soft!  That 30% silk give them a luxury feel, too.  I’m going to save them and wear them on my birthday on Wednesday.  These deserve to be worn for a special occasion.

Now, here is the bonus part of this.  These socks only weigh 2.4 ounces!


I have 1.4 ounces remaining with which to make something.  I don’t know what that something is, yet, but it’ll be something special, too.

So, I completed my first Tour de Fleece challenge and even came in a day ahead of schedule.  This was so much fun, I cannot wait until next year.

Duh-Duh Duuuuhhh. Duh-Duh Duuuuuhhh…  I’m turning the Rocky theme song back up and will run up the stairs holding my socks aloft.  I made it!!!!