Jul 19

Let’s start with the least important item first.  Tomorrow ends the Tour de Fleece and I am going to be done on time.


I am ready to start the toe of the second sock.  Between lunch today and my before bed knitting tonight, I will have this complete and should be able to show them off tomorrow.  This Tour has told me that I can participate in some of these events.  Next year, I want to work on something else new to me, but I have a year to decide on what it is going to be.

Now, to the Happy Anniversary part.  Today is the 50th anniversary of my parents marriage. If Mom and Lori were alive today, we’d be getting ready to celebrate it.  What a difference a year can make.  Yes, today my heart feels a bit heavy. I miss Mom, and Lori and I would have had lots of fun planning the anniversary party.  Still, Mom and Dad had 49 years of a very loving marriage and I am so glad they had that much time together.