Jul 8

This week got past me before I realized it and I totally missed getting pictures for the Fourth of July.  Rats!

But, here is what I did manage to get.  Not the most inspired week.  I’ll do better for “G”.


Fleece – at least this is a washed fleece.  This is a Corriedale fleece.


Fiber – In this case Mohair.


Flowers – This Chickory color is the same as my bedroom walls.


Flames.  I adore my PT Cruiser with her blue flames.  I want to keep this car forever!


Firestone.  Taking a picture of a black tire on a bright, sunny day with a digital camera is hard.  I could not see the words with the view screen, and this was the best of the lot of this tire.


Felines.  I think it is a hoot that they both are claiming the highest part of their new cat condo.  Poor Pete looks like he is about to be pushed off altogether. Dylan is the dominant cat and makes sure Pete never forgets it.


Fat Feet. Mine.


Farmhouse stamp.  I have plans for this and other stamps I have.


Fan.  Without this I would not be able to sleep at night. I need the air movement.


Face.  It also could be Found because I found it yesterday while cleaning the kitchen.  Silly thing was in plain site all the time!


Fuzzy!  I love my stuffed sheep collection.  This poor ewe is missing her other eye.

And that’s what I could fine of  Fs for this week.  I know there are lots of others, but I simply ran out of time.  I need to make a list of “G” ideas to photograph this next week.