Jul 5

I hope all of you in the US had a great 4th of July. Me? Well, I was pretty tired, so I stayed home and got some things done there.  One of the things I did was finish my SIL’s socks.  I’ll show them to you when they are on her feet.

The other thing I worked on yesterday was this:


I worked on my Tour de Fleece spinning.  The bobbin I am holding is the completed one and the one on the wheel just lacks about a quarter of an ounce of being done.

I love watching the videocasts from Gynx and, in one, she talked about how she spun a braid of fiber.  She split the braid in half and spun each half using different ratios of fiber at a time.  For examples, I split the 4 ounce braid of 70% BLF/30% Tussah Silk in half.  Then I split the first half into 8ths so I would have short color changes.  The second half, I split into 4ths so the colors would be longer before changing.  Then I’ll ply these together with the hopes that the colors will blend more than pool.  You can see that there are more colors visible on the top bobbin, whereas the bottom bobbin looks more heathery and the colors last longer.

Since this is being spun up very finely, I am hoping the resulting yarn will be sock weight.  I’ve let it ply back on itself several times and it looks like it’s going to be just want the Benita ordered.  I should have no problem getting the last little bit spun up tonight, and may even get to begin plying them before I head off to bed tonight.

So, what are you doing in the Tour de Fleece?