Jun 20

It looks like there are several others joining me in getting to know their cameras better and focusing their photography skills a bit.

Cheryl from Acorn to Oak has her “C” shots up.

Cindy of Delighted Hands has begun with the “C” shots.

Ordinary by Interesting (sorry, but I don’t know your name) has caught up and posted “A” shots, “B” shots and “C” shots.

I am so happy that more people are joining me on this challenge, and what everyone one finding to photograph shows a great deal of imagination.  If you are joining us on this photographic challenge, please let me know so I can post links to your sites.

Also, Sandy O. from Arizona has sent in her B and C shots.

Here are her B’s:


Beans from the Mesquite tree – I learned that Mesquite trees have bean pods.





and her “C” photo:


Cactus blooms – Aren’t they lovely?

Anyone else?