Jun 19

Between traveling to visit my dad, and working on Sunday, my knitting time has been catch as catch can, but I have made some progress on my SIL’s sock.


If the leg looks a little long, that’s because it is.  I usually knit sock legs 7″ before starting the heel flap.  This one is 9″.  The gusset decreases are completely done and so on to the foot.  Her feet are 10″ long, so the foot will take some time to knit before I start the toe decreases, but that is okay.  With the bottom of the foot being stocking-net, this won’t be as slow as the leg.  Of course, I still have another sock to knit once this is done.  My goal is to have this sock finished by this time next week and the second sock at least started.  We’ll see, because I may have to work one day this weekend as well.

That’s all I have, folks.