Jun 18

Today, my Dad is getting married. I am so happy for him because I know he has been terribly lonely since Mom passed away, and his being by himself in Texas and traveling all over by himself has been a big worry to Scott and me.  Now, we don’t have to worry about him anymore.


Meet Kathy Cook, who, after today, will be Kathy Crowder.  Dad met her at his brother’s church, and they hit it off from the beginning.  Kathy lost her husband to cancer three and a half years ago, so she knows what Dad went through with Mom.  She loves camping and bluegrass music, she has always wanted to travel, and she is such a sweet person with a lovely personality and a great sense of humor.  She has two grown sons and six grand children, so I will be gaining two new step-brothers, five step-nephews and a step-niece, too.

When Dad went to tell his mother (my nearly 100-year old Granny), she told him she saw it coming and that they ought to hurry up and get married.  Kathy is well-known to Dad’s family, since they all go to church together, and they all love her.  In fact, when my Aunt Ruby found out, she came into the camper and told Kathy that she had better hug her before she burst.  Everyone is just so glad.

It’s not every day when one’s dad gives one a new mom for his birthday.  Yes, Dad told me on his birthday.  I could tell he was really nervous about telling me, but I soon set his fears to rest.  Yes, he still misses Mom, and always will, and Kathy still tears up with she talks about her late husband.  But they are gone and Dad and Kathy are still here.  I am happy for them that they found one another and can spend many happy years together.

Join me in congratulating Dad and Kathy on a happy married life together.  Welcome to the family, Kathy!!!