Jun 17

This week, it was a little tough for me finding time to take pictures, but I did manage to get a few.


I started with the most important part of my day – Caffeine!!!


And then the most important person in my life – Cartoonist Scott Story.  And, yes, he’s using his own hand as a model for what he is drawing.

container of art tools

Scott’s Case of Art Tools.  Actually, if you look really hard, you can see the man has thought of everything in here.


Crowder Boys Telling Tall Tales.  This is my Uncle Ernie and my Dad on Saturday.  I love the characterization in this picture and it makes me wonder just what the heck was Dad telling about!


Curious Cat.  This is Dylan.  I tried my best to get a good one of Pete, but he is my ADD cat and getting him to sit still long enough to get a picture of him is almost impossible.


As a bonus, this was the best shot I could get of Pete.  The tongue cracks me up!

Sandy O’Brien from Arizona doesn’t have a website, but she wanted to contribute as well, so she sent me the following as her “A” shots.

Arizona Alpacas

Arizona Alpacas


Attitude!  Obviously a positive one, too.

Check out Cindie’s A Photos and B photos from Eweniquely Ewe.

And Roxie has some “C” photos.  You’ll have to go down the page a bit and stand on your head to see them.  🙂

I’ve already gotten a start on my “D” photos, so next week ought to be better.

If you are part of the challenge and what your photos linked, please let me know and I’ll get you added in to the list.