Jun 12

This is proving to be a very busy summer.  I have something planned for each weekend (and several week nights) from now through the middle of October.  No wonder my house is a pit!

Still, here is my current Work-in-Progress report.


I am knitting some new socks for my sister-in-law.  This is from A Good Yarn and Maryann calls it her End of Day yarn because it is using up all of her left over dyes.  There are several colors in here and each color is only about 6-8 inches long, which makes this a fun knit because you never have the chance to get bored with a color.  The last socks I knit, the gray areas were a bit long and I was more than ready for a change in color by the time they came.


New delivery of things to be dyed, plus some new dye colors to play with.  Sandy and I have a dye session coming up on Sunday.  We are low on several items in the shop, like shoe laces, hats, draw-string bags and scrunchies, plus we have some custom ordered T-shirts to do as well.  With the Indiana State Fair coming, and our updating the Dyed in the Wool shop with new items, we will need plenty of stuff dyed up.


And speaking of dye materials, Sandy O’Brien from Arizona sent us some dried rabbitbrush and pecan hulls to dye some wool with, and I can’t wait!  The rabbitbrush smells wonderful, too.  It reminds me of some of the teas I drink.

The “extras” part of this post is about the spinning class I taught last night.  I had 8 students (a really full class), consisting of 5 new drop spindlers, one relatively new spinning wheel and two returning students.

The new person to the class with the spinning wheel was Marta whom I taught at Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival.  She had a couple of bobbins’ full, so she plied them together, and we niddy-noddied it off, soaked it and danced on it while it was rolled in a towel.  It will be dry before you know it, and I have asked her to knit a swatch with it so she can see how it looks in a finish product.  She took home lots of new fiber to play with, too.


Three of these are new spindlers (1st, 3rd and 4th going from L to R).    Look at those looks of concentration on their faces.  And look at that foot driven spindle…


In fact, let’s get a closer look at that supported spindle.  We all found this one fascinating, and I would love to have something like it.  She just used her foot to spin the ball at the bottom and that kept the spin going.  So cool!!!


This is a mother-daughter team.  Lori, the mom on the right, has been spinning for a few months now, and I had given her some Crosspatch Creations to spin up because she likes artier yarn.  She had one bobbin completely full and was working hard to get another one full.  She did, and we made her a shoe-box lazy kate and got her to plying what she had spun.  Because of all of them seeing how Marta and I set the twist in Marta’s yarn, Lori will be able to go home, finish plying, wind off her yarn and soak it to set the twist.  I can’t wait to see her finished yarn next month.  If it is as nice as her singles are, then she’s going to be pretty happy.

I did not get pictures of the other two new spindlers and I apologize for that.  With 6 new students, I was kept hopping pretty much the entire time.  Again, I shoved lots of information at the new students, but I assured them that there was no quiz and that I didn’t expect them to remember everything.  Just hearing things for the first time will mean it will be familiar to them the next time they hear it, and, by the third time, it should begin to sink in.

spinning silk

Brenda brought the silk cap she stretched in a class at The Fiber Event as well as some silk hankies.  Here she is learning how to spin silk.  Silk is not my favorite fiber to spin (I usually end up with a blister on my thumb), but it has its uses, especially in lace and as one ply in handspun sock yarn to add strength to it.  At least that what I use it for.  I know there are lots of other uses for silk, but I will admit that I am a wool girl through and through.

And that’s where we are for today.  Tomorrow, I have a fun announcement to make.  Those in the Fiber Binder Club already know about it, but I’ll tell the rest of you so you can join up and in if you want to.  See ya tomorrow!!