Jun 10

This week, photographing things for the letter “B” was much easier than last week’s “A”.  So, here we go to B!  I am going to attempt to put these in alphabetical order.

babbling brook

Babbling brook.  Warning, the vast majority of these were taken at Spring Mill State Park on Saturday.


Baby.  This 6 months’ old young man was the youngest member of the reunion, and is looking at his great-great grandmother who is nearly 100 years older then he is.  Talk about looking across generations!

back beam

Back beam of the loom in the Sheek House.  They weave rugs on this loom that are for sale at Spring Mill.

balance beam

Balance beam for the kids to play walking the plankballs

Balls for another game.


Banjo that my dad was playing.


Bars to hold the bike wheels in place.


Bass that was keeping the rhythm to the music going.


Beads.  Libby’s collection of them grew as the day went on.


Big Boy’s Bike.  I’m not sure who this belonged, too, but it sure was pretty.


Bicycle who wants to grow up to be like the Big Boy’s Bike.

bike rack

Bike rack.  Just like they had at the elementary school I went to a million years ago.


Blueberries from my lunch last week.  This was a pretty good salad, too.

blue-eyed boy

Blue-eyed boy.  This little fellow was riding his trike round and round in a circle around a big tree.  He was just so intense about it, too.  He’s such a cutie!


Bluegrass!  Mountain Jazz.  The high point of the day for lots of people.

big bonsai

Scott said this looked like a big Bonsai tree, and he was right.  The trunk on it was pretty twisted and I am wondering if that happened during a storm sometime in the far past.


Rows and rows of Bottles in the Apothecary Shop.  There are also books, bowls and bags here, too.


Bridge over the babbling brook.  When we were at this bridge, there was a group of kids upstream chasing a red flip-flop in the water as it floated down toward the bridge.  They finally caught up with it further down stream.


Brother – as in my brother.   I don’t get to spend enough time with him.

bulletin board

Bulletin Board – Keeping visitors straight with rules, maps and lists of activities.


Burrito from Sandy’s lunch last week.  Doesn’t it look like a happy hippo face smiling at you?


Busy.  Yes, Libby has found another treasure chest and is adding the beads it contains to her collection.


And last (and out of order) is my BasicallyBenita logo taken from my laptop screen.

And that is B week.  On to C week.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of you came up with on your photos.