Jun 3

Last week, I mentioned setting for myself a photography challenge – each week, take photos focusing on a different letter of the Alphabet.  Since this was the first week, I concentrated on the letter “A”.

This has proven to be harder than I thought.  For one, I was extremely busy this past week, and getting time to take photos was difficult.  Most of the time, by the time I remembered, it was as I was dropping off to sleep at night.  In fact, one of these pictures was taken from my bed just before I turned out the light.

So, here is what I have.  These are the best, but that’s not saying much.  Let’s hear what you have to say about them.


The Audi symbol on the back of a co-worker’s car.  I rather like the reflection of another car against the black paint.


This one could be Arch or Architecture, whichever one you prefer.  This is an old, brick school that sits on the corner of the highway and the back road leading to my back road.  I love the building and its history.  Scott’s uncle actually attended this school for a while way back when.


This one is Activity for the semi-choreographed actions of those working at a local Bob Evans.  The curving arch of the spilled water on the floor shows the frenetic motions as the servers and manager moved about their business.

A sign

The ASL sign for the letter A superimposed against my computer desktop.  Simple language versus technology?  I think it is funny that the letter A also is a fist.  I know a few people who shake their fists against the infiltration of technology in our lives.


And this is the one I took from my bed.  Actually, I rather like it – my audiology headsets surrounded by its own cable all in shadow and light.

I know, pretty poor showings for the week.  A was a challenge, but I think I could have had more fun with it had I been given a couple of minutes to breathe freely.  This next week is “B”.  Let’s hope I do better with that letter.