Jun 30

Yesterday, Scott and I were at the Derby City Comic Con in Louisville, Kentucky.  I began my day at 12:30 AM.  I didn’t mean to, but that’s when I woke up and I could not go back to sleep.  I read some, I knitted some, I played Spider Solitaire, anything to try to relax me and make me sleepy again, but nada.  At 3, I gave up, took my shower, packed up my spinning wheel and got ready to start the day.  By 4:30, we were on the road and headed south.  Every day, I thank God for allowing us humans to discover caffeine, and I was very thankful for my cup of hot tea.

Scott slept most of the way down there, so I listened to a Nero Wolfe book on CD and watched the sun rise over my left shoulder.  By the time we arrived at the convention center, the day was waking up beautifully.  We unloaded the car at the loading dock and I parked the car while Scott began the table set up.

2013 Derby City booth

I love how the tables have spaces between them so we can get in and out easier – what a lovely gesture from the show owner, Chuck Moore.  Thank you, Chuck!!!

2013 Derby City booth closeup

See what is peeking out from behind the Karl Vincent books? Yes, that is the back of my spinning wheel flyer.  I was set up for the day of spinning.  BTW, that bottom left book that says Scott Story on it?  It’s the brand-spanking new, hot off the press Scott Story Sketchbook Vol 1.  It arrived just in time for the show and Scott has every right to be proud of it.  The Karl Vincent books aren’t ours, although 95% of the art in them is Scott’s and that is why we are selling them for the publisher.  And the book on the upper right isn’t ours either, but Johnny Saturn is a major character in it by our permission, so we have a few of them to sell as well.  The rest of the stuff on the table is purely Story Studios and all ours!

While Scott talked to people, drew pictures and sold books and T-shirts, I spun (and kept track of sales and inventory).  Remember what I showed you on Friday that I had chosen for my Tour challenge?

TdF Day 1

It’s even prettier spun up!  I took the braid and split it down the middle giving me approximately 2 ounces each half.  One half I put away for the second bobbin and the first half, I split again into 8ths because I wanted short sections of each color.  My goal was to get 4 of the 8 (or one ounce) spun up during the show.  I knew there would be a lot of interruptions and I would be sent on errands or would walk around some to see friends and what everyone had for sale, so I figured one ounce at this super fineness would be all I’d get.  I reached my goal around 2:00, and managed to get another 8th section spun up, so I have 3/8ths to spin up today to reach today’s goal.

My goal is to have this completely spun up and plied by the end of the coming weekend.  With work, teaching, house cleaning, dyeing and such, my spinning time will be catch as catch can, but I believe I can get it done.  I will not get to spin at all tomorrow because I’ll be gone from 4:30 tomorrow morning until close to 10 that night.  Tuesday night, Wednesday night, part of Thursday and Friday night I can spin.  Probably none on Saturday since Sandy and I will be spending the day finalizing up some tie-dyeing and getting our custom orders finished.  Sunday, I should be able to get it all finished. I’m keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

I’ll leave you with a parting shot.

dustin being photobombed

Dear friend Dustin Carson getting photobombed.  I swear that going to these comic cons is like going to a huge family reunion.  I got many hugs and kisses on the cheek yesterday. I feel like everyone’s sister or aunt there.  Lots of laughter and smiles to be had everywhere.  And everyone was glad to see the spinning wheel again.  They had missed it.  The Spinning Lady is back!!

Jun 29

To start you off on the right path for the beginning of both the Tour de France and the Tour de Fleece:


Finally, not only has someone got it confused the right way, but has recognized what a dangerous sport Spinning can be.  Maybe we do need to have Spinning in the Olympics.  And notice I put our kind of Spinning with a capital “S”? That other spinning is just riding a bike. 🙂


Jun 28

This is my first time ever participating in the Tour de Fleece.  Dye-Anna, the mascot for Dyed in the Wool is going to be our official captain and she is ready.  The team is called the Fiber Binder Club Team or Team FBC for short.  We have a Ravelry group for the Fiber Binder Club and several members have signed up.  We’d love to see what you are planning to work on over the next three weeks, beginning tomorrow.

My challenge to myself is this:


I have never spun yarn for socks before.  This is 70% BFL and 30% Tussah Silk, which should make some nice and strong sock yarn.  There are 4 ounces here and my plan is to spin this up, ply it and knit a pair of socks from it.  This doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, but between a full-time job, teaching 1 to 2 nights a week, and, beginning Monday, my getting to the new Fitness Center, in the new office building built by the company I work for, at 5:00 AM on week mornings, my time for spinning is going to be severely diminished.  Not only do I want to spin the yarn for a pair of socks and knit them, but focus on making time for spinning in my packed schedule.  That will be the biggest challenge.

Scott has a comic book show in Louisville tomorrow, but after that, I will have him draw up the Team FBC button for everyone to use when they complete their challenge within the time frame.  Since I want one of those, too, I will make the time to get it all completed in time.  Send me a comment letting me know you are part of the team, and I will add your link in here.  Also, what is your challenge for the Tour?

Jun 27

D has been more daunting as a subject for photos this week, be we do have some to share from other websites.

Cheryl found some pretty things to share with us and Cindie share some great ones (Love the tea pot!), too.

Sandy O’Brien from Arizona sent some to share as well:

Dragonfly quilt

Dragonfly quilt,

Disc brakes on mountain bike

Disc brakes on her bike (Good one!!!), and

Duffy the Dog

Her dog Duffy saying hello.  Isn’t Duffy so cute?

Let me know if you have “D” photos you’d like linked to and I’ll add you to the list.

As for WIP for this week, I did get the first sock for my SIL done and am ready to start the heel flap on the second sock.  I am trying my best to get this sock done before Saturday since that is the beginning of the Tour de Fleece with the Fiber Binder Club and I want to concentrate on that for the full three weeks, unless I get done sooner.  I’ll talk more about the TdF tomorrow and show you what I am doing for my challenge.

Jun 26
icon1 basicallybenita | icon2 A Little of This, A Little of That | icon4 06 26th, 2013| icon32 Comments »


“Doesn’t smell like a sheep, huh?”

“Don’t look it in the eyes, huh?”

“So, buster, you think we are stupid?  If you really believed that, then explain how the little one got here?  You think someone built it? Huh?”


So, folks, how much trouble do you think Ramses is in here?  I’d say someone is going to get fleeced!

Okay, maybe I am having too much fun with these nanoblocks.  I did have enough spare parts to build a lamb.  Now, maybe I ought to explain that to Ewenice, Ewegenia and little Lambert and get Ramses out of the hot water he is finding himself in.  Although, he does look a little smug about it all.  Maybe I’ll let him get yelled at a bit longer before I step in.

See you tomorrow when I post everyone else’s “D” photos for the week.  If you have some you want linked to or posted, let me know.

Jun 25
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“What in the Good Shepherd’s name is that?”


“I mean, it looks kinda like a sheep, but it sure doesn’t smell like a sheep.”

“I think we’ll just keep our distance from it and try not to make eye contact.”

“Even the bunnies are in shock.”


These are the coolest things.  They are like Legos, but much, much tinier.  It took me most of a lunch hour to build my sheep, but it was worth it.  They even give you lots of spare parts just in case you lose some of them.  The smallest block is only 1/8th of an inch square and the largest is 1-1/4″ X 1/4″ and they are only 1/8th of an inch tall.  Like I said – tiny!

I got mine at Barnes & Noble, but I believe Amazon.com carries them as well.

Jun 24

This has been a very busy week for me, so I didn’t get much opportunity to get out with my camera.  So here are the “D” shots I took this week.

dawning of summer

Dawn on the Summer Solstice – Look how humid it was!  Still is, actually.

dew on blackberry

Dew on the blackberry leaves.  For some reason, this photo really appeals to me.  I don’t know if it is the perspective, the green against the reddish-brown of the deck or what, but I really like this one.


Daylilies at my in-laws’ house.  Scott’s step-dad, Floyd, has two green thumbs and his landscaping is stunning.  The next two shots are from his house as well.



And, then, the bonus shot.  On the way to work yesterday morning (yes, I worked on Sunday – deadlines!!!), I rounded the corner on the road to my office and I saw these guys.


It’s a good thing there was very little traffic because I stopped the car in the middle of the road, rolled down my window and grabbed my camera.  They just stood there watching me like two curious kids.  Once I got my shot in, they turned and walked away.  Bless them for standing still long enough for me to get my camera out.

What did you get this week?

Jun 20

It looks like there are several others joining me in getting to know their cameras better and focusing their photography skills a bit.

Cheryl from Acorn to Oak has her “C” shots up.

Cindy of Delighted Hands has begun with the “C” shots.

Ordinary by Interesting (sorry, but I don’t know your name) has caught up and posted “A” shots, “B” shots and “C” shots.

I am so happy that more people are joining me on this challenge, and what everyone one finding to photograph shows a great deal of imagination.  If you are joining us on this photographic challenge, please let me know so I can post links to your sites.

Also, Sandy O. from Arizona has sent in her B and C shots.

Here are her B’s:


Beans from the Mesquite tree – I learned that Mesquite trees have bean pods.





and her “C” photo:


Cactus blooms – Aren’t they lovely?

Anyone else?

Jun 19

Between traveling to visit my dad, and working on Sunday, my knitting time has been catch as catch can, but I have made some progress on my SIL’s sock.


If the leg looks a little long, that’s because it is.  I usually knit sock legs 7″ before starting the heel flap.  This one is 9″.  The gusset decreases are completely done and so on to the foot.  Her feet are 10″ long, so the foot will take some time to knit before I start the toe decreases, but that is okay.  With the bottom of the foot being stocking-net, this won’t be as slow as the leg.  Of course, I still have another sock to knit once this is done.  My goal is to have this sock finished by this time next week and the second sock at least started.  We’ll see, because I may have to work one day this weekend as well.

That’s all I have, folks.

Jun 18

Today, my Dad is getting married. I am so happy for him because I know he has been terribly lonely since Mom passed away, and his being by himself in Texas and traveling all over by himself has been a big worry to Scott and me.  Now, we don’t have to worry about him anymore.


Meet Kathy Cook, who, after today, will be Kathy Crowder.  Dad met her at his brother’s church, and they hit it off from the beginning.  Kathy lost her husband to cancer three and a half years ago, so she knows what Dad went through with Mom.  She loves camping and bluegrass music, she has always wanted to travel, and she is such a sweet person with a lovely personality and a great sense of humor.  She has two grown sons and six grand children, so I will be gaining two new step-brothers, five step-nephews and a step-niece, too.

When Dad went to tell his mother (my nearly 100-year old Granny), she told him she saw it coming and that they ought to hurry up and get married.  Kathy is well-known to Dad’s family, since they all go to church together, and they all love her.  In fact, when my Aunt Ruby found out, she came into the camper and told Kathy that she had better hug her before she burst.  Everyone is just so glad.

It’s not every day when one’s dad gives one a new mom for his birthday.  Yes, Dad told me on his birthday.  I could tell he was really nervous about telling me, but I soon set his fears to rest.  Yes, he still misses Mom, and always will, and Kathy still tears up with she talks about her late husband.  But they are gone and Dad and Kathy are still here.  I am happy for them that they found one another and can spend many happy years together.

Join me in congratulating Dad and Kathy on a happy married life together.  Welcome to the family, Kathy!!!

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