May 29

Yesterday was a good day in the fiber department.  The mail lady brought two boxes for Sandy and I. One of them had a new felted bag for Sandy and a new hat for me.  The hat is my birthday present from Sandy, which means I won’t get to see it again until late July.


Sandy’s bag was made by Kate from our CVM left-overs from the top being combed by Zeilinger’s.  What a talented lady she is.  Sandy and I kept petting the sheep all day.  The sheep was made from mohair locks.


Kate also made my hat and I fell in love with it on her Etsy shop.  Sandy offered to get it for me for my birthday and I am so glad she did. It fits great and I will get lots of wear out of it this winter.

Also, in the mail, came a box holding a 7 pound, well-skirted, coated Bond fleece – and it’s a good black one.  Woohoo!!!  We completely sold out of Bond in Kentucky and we wanted more of it.  It’ll be dropped off for processing this weekend while we are at Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival (come by and visit us if you are coming to the festival).

Then, when I got home, I washed out some special order tie-dyed items so they can be delivered this weekend, washed out some fiber for the Fiber Binder Club and plied for a couple of hours on some merino wool I had spun up.  It’s such fine spinning that after plying off and on all evening while other things washed, dried or soaked, it the two bobbins holding the singles don’t look any less full.  Sheesh!

Love fibery days like that!