May 23

A couple of years ago, I did a year of photos taken at the same place – one photo every week.  It was fun, a challenge to get there and kept me focused on my camera.

There are several blogs I read that show a certain subject for a week, and they take pictures for that subject.  The subject is pretty vague, which gives lots of room for interesting interpretations.  I find them simply fascinating.

I do not have an expensive camera.  Once film for cameras (and places to get the film processed) started disappearing, I got rid of my 35mm cameras and went to digital.  Getting my dream camera is still down the line for me since it and the lens I want are over $1,000 and that just isn’t in the current budget.  So what I have is a Canon PowerShot A3100 IS, which has gotten very high ratings as a good back-up camera to professional photographers.  Hey, if the pros like this baby, then it must be a good camera.  I have been playing with some of the settings and over the past couple of years, I have gotten some very good shots, at least in my opinion.  I know it is not what I need to take really professional photos, but it is all I have at this point.  And I can practice with it until I can afford that dream camera.

So, using the idea of themed weeks, I decided to take the next 26 weeks and do the alphabet (no this is not an original idea, but I liked it so I borrowed it).  Starting on Mondays and going through Sundays, I need to think about the letter for that week and see how I can translate that into photos.  So, this next week starting on Monday, obviously, is A.  This will take me most of the way through October, and there is a lot going on between now and the end of October – plenty of opportunities to take photos and look for my letter that week.

Then on Mondays, I’ll post the best of what I have taken the past week.  Since this is a learning opportunity for me, I invite comments, suggestions, and ideas of how to better what I am doing and increasing how my imagination sees the world.  Also, I invite you to join me, posting your own results on your blog and sending a link to me so I can add your link in for everyone to click on.  I have learned how to see the world differently through my husband’s art and seeing through his eyes briefly, but I would love to further that and see if I can use this in my own art and designs.

Continually learning new things and increasing my skills and knowledge base is very important to what makes live worth living in my opinion.  If you are joining me, just let me know and see what we can learn together!