May 15

Last night I had 4 students in my spinning class, each doing something different.

I had Brenda test spinning about 10 different fibers from several breeds of sheep – everything from coarse East Fresian to baby-soft Cormo.  She even learned how to spin from the fold on some extra long Teeswater locks.  Brenda also has about 2 pounds of Merino to spin up for a couple of different projects.

Caeli is now spinning long-draw with some very colorful BFL that she will Navajo ply for a sweater vest.

Lori, who likes artsy yarns, is now spinning some Crosspatch Creations batts for some really interesting, nubby textured yarn.

And Debbie is doing very well spinning up her Pomeranian fur into a soft yarn with lots of halo to it.

It was such a fun time, all of us talking, me helping them out and the time passing far too fast, as usual.

Tonight, I will get the car packed for the trip to Kentucky this weekend.  That will just leave packing clothes and food, and getting the price signs for the spinning fibers finished tomorrow night.  We are getting there.