May 13
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Sandy and I worked for several hours yesterday, getting the rest of the tie-dyed items pressed, tagged and packed.  That part of it is done and it is a huge check mark off of our list.

Tonight, I’ll start packing the car.  Tomorrow night, I have a spinning class to teach, then Wednesday night, the real packing will begin.  Boy, oh boy, do we have a lot to get into Bettie!  At least, this year, Sandy is taking all of the spinning fiber down in her car, and the rest of the items can go down in mine.  With our having a 10 X 20 booth to fill, there will be a lot of stuff to pack.

The closer it gets to time, the better I am feeling about it.  I still have several things to finish up before they can be packed, but, as of right now, I am pretty sure I can get it all done in time.