May 8
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With everything coming down to the last minute, Sandy and I decided it was time to sit down, make a scaled drawing of our booth, and decide how best to set it up so that everything fits and people can fit in the space to shop.  Making a drawing and guessing at the sizes of everything is good to begin with, but getting the scale right can mean changes, and it did.

For the most part, our plan seems to work well, but, of course, there will be some alterations once we get there.  Finding room for three 6-foot tables, two clothes racks, two mannequins and our cash table means being very careful where everything goes.  And where do we hang the price and sample cards for the bags of processed wool?  What about the shoe laces and the Fiber Binder Club information?  And we have to have room to put the scale up so the fiber can be weighed.  What should the mannequins wear?  There are lots of things to consider.

And  then there is The List of things we need to take with us and who is responsible for which item.  That was done yesterday, too, and we are hoping that everything has been remembered.  There are so many little things for unexpected contingencies that need to be covered, like binder clip and tape and extra pens and scrap paper and safety pins, because you never know when one of these will be needed and if you don’t take them, you will be left scrambling for a substitute that doesn’t work nearly as well.  We know this from experience.

Getting ready for a show is time consuming and being away from home means taking everything but the kitchen sink with you.  But we are looking forward to seeing our friends again, making new friends, talking fiber and yarn and knitting and weaving and other creative projects with everyone.

And I do hope the vendor who makes the home-made root beer and red cream soda is there again this year.  I don’t eat sugar anymore, but I will break that for one of his red cream sodas.  Once a year I deserve a sugary treat, right?