May 7

When I got home from work last night, I spent the next 3.5 hours cutting rubber bands and washing out most of the tie-dyed samples.  By the time I went to bed, the first two batches was in the third washing with the dyes being set with vinegar, and the second two batches were in the dryer from having the excess dyes washed out.

I love looking at the patterns and colors of what Sandy and I do.  We get bored with the traditional “swirl” type of folds, so we tend to experiment quite a bit.  Some of the odder folds have produced some of the neatest patterns.

This time, we had fun with the colors.  Oh, we used some of the typical turquoise, lemon yellow and fuchsia dyes, but we had some fun playing around with different greens (bright green, forest green and teal), plus violet, bright orange, coral pink, hot pink, red carmine, an intense blue, and rose brown.  Whenever we would run out of a dye, we’d chose another out of the stash and give it a try.  This is how we find other colors we like and eliminate certain colors we aren’t interested in using again.  The intense blue is a keeper, but the rose brown… meh.

Also, this time I tried a different technique of dyeing than anything I’ve done yet – parfait dyeing.  I used plastic Folger’s Coffee containers and layered in socks with dyes.  They came out very cool, looking marbley with the way the colors blended.  And this time, rather than just do women’s socks with a few mens thrown in for good measure, this batch of socks were baby and young children’s socks (from size 0 to 4), girl’s socks (size 10 – 4) and men’s socks.  We’ve sold the men’s socks quite well and only had one or two pairs left so more was needed.  I definitely will do more dyes with this technique.

And we are almost done with the dyeing.  This Friday, I will finish up the remaining T-shirts, as well as get all those that are finished pressed, tagged, in inventory and on hangers.  We will have enough tie-dyed items to warrant a second clothes rack at the fiber shows.

In fact, yesterday, Sandy and I sat down and worked out the layout of our booth for the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival.  And, it’s a good thing we did, too, because we went through several permutations before we landed on something that worked with what we are taking.  I still need to do a “scale” drawing to make sure everything fits.

Friday also will be the last day of dyeing until later this summer, and I have taken it off work to finish things up.  It’s hard work getting ready for these shows, but it is very worth it.  The people we get to meet alone make these shows worth while.

If you are going to be at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival on either the 18th or the 19th, please come by our booth and say hi.  Remember, we are Dyed in the Wool, and just look for the tie-dyed clothing and accessories – we are hard to miss!