May 6

Eleven more prep days until we leave for the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival on the 17th.  Those eleven days are going to be full ones.

Yesterday, Sandy and I spent several hours dyeing the shirts we already had tied.  In fact, there are six full trays and two full half trays of colorful baby items, purses and T-shirts for kids and adults.  On top of that, there are two containers full of socks being parfait dyed.  Tonight I’ll get the first round of washing them out done.

Saturday, besides prepping the dye area for Sunday, I discharge several tied black shirts.  They turned out very interesting looking and I can’t wait to see what people think of them.  Of course, I still have to press them, tag them and add them into inventory, but at least they are ready for that part.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Kentucky in two weeks!