Feb 28


Naomie Harris – Per her own tweet – “My #Oscar dress took 120 hours to make, dyed with camomile and golden rod, hand embroidered with vintage beads and chocolate wrappers.”

That’s right – her dress was dyed with natural dyes.  Go Naomie!!!!  You get my vote for Best Dress!

Feb 27

Just to let you know, I will be teaching a beginning sock knitting class at Starstruckcat Studio in Greenwood (the same place I teach the monthly spinning class).  It will be a three session class (all on Mondays): March 18 6-8PM, March 25 (6-8PM) and April 1 (6-8PM).  If you are interested in joining this class (or any of the following classes because this may be an ongoing, monthly class), please contact Susan at susan AT starstruckcatdesign DOT com.  You know how that really goes.

Needless to say, this is going to be fun!  Socks are my favorite things to knit and rarely do I have none on the needles.  In fact, I have two pairs going right now – a simple pattern and a complex one.  Also, one you have worn soft, handknit socks, you may find it hard to wear factory made socks again.  I know I have.

Feb 26

Or in this case, passing on the pile of papers to the accountant so she can do the tax returns.

Yesterday was the day that Sandy and I celebrate each year, having the majority of our YE responsibilities done.  We still have other deadlines ahead of us, but getting everything to the accountant is a great feeling.

I still have a deadline approaching (next Monday) for a project and another one due soon after that, but those are pieces of cake compared to what we have been doing the past two months.

That means I should be able to say hello to my spinning wheel and loom again soon.  Woohoo!!!

Feb 19

So, let me tell you about the spinning class last Tuesday at Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood.


First, Brenda brought in a new-to-her spinning wheel.  This is an old wheel (so old that there is no manufacturer’s name on it anywhere, but it reminds me of the Kromski Mazurka that I used to have), but it is in terrific shape.  It’s a double drive-band wheel, so we got her set up with new drive bands, I oiled it really well, and got her started.  Since it is a single treadle wheel, I had Brenda practicing treadling it so she could keep it going without too much thought.  She had to place it up against a table leg because it kept wanting to scoot across the tile floor with every push on the treadle.  She had already been playing with it at home and said it didn’t scoot on the carpet, but she was going to get some of that rubber mat that you put under rugs to bring to class.

By the end of the class, Brenda was spinning a pretty nice single and had about a 1/3 of a bobbin full.  She left all smiles and with a new best friend.  I forgot to ask her what she was going to name it.  I’ll ask next time.


Next, we’ll move onto Lori.  She is doing pretty well with the spindle, and she learned how to Navajo ply that night.  By the end of the evening, she had about half of her singles all plied up.  She wants to spin more “arty” yarn, so I discussed with her spinning thick & thin while still keeping the yarn cohesive.


Caeli has been spinning some lovely merino and started a new bobbin that night.  See it in the box next to her?  It looks brown and green, doesn’t it?  Well, as she was spinning it, it proved to be more lavender and green with some brown here and there.  Honestly, no one even noticed the lavender in it until it was being spun.  Cool, huh?  Her spinning is very nice, fine and even.  This is going to be pretty yarn once it is plied.


After our last class, I got an email from Debbie saying she was struggling with her wheel.  I drove down to her place after work one night and, after about an hour and a half, we got her going.  Since then, she spun up two bobbins full, one of a thicker gray single, and one of a finer white single.  She wants to knit her husband a scarf from this yarn, so I showed her how to use her built-in lazy Kate on her wheel, and got her to plying.  She nearly had a bobbin full by the time she left and her plying was looking good and consistent.  I really liked how the thicker gray yarn looked against the fiber white.  I think it will make a lovely scarf.


Can you see why I love teaching this class so much?  Look at these ladies all making good, useful and beautiful yarn.  Brenda has plans of making a felted bag out of all of her newbie yarn (including what she dyed on Dye Day), which I think will be fun.

And, it looks like I will be teaching a beginning sock knitting class at Starstruck Cat Studio in the near future, as well as a weaving workshop later on this summer.  We are still in the talking stage, but both they and I are interested in these joint ventures.

Feb 18

Sandy and I are trying to wrap up YE stuff at work, and I ended up with the flu and was down for the count Thursday through yesterday.  I’m up today, and back at work, although my sense of balance is still wonky and my head is still a bit congested.

Needless to say, absolutely nothing creative is going on right now, although I do want to show you the pictures from last week’s spinning class and show off Brenda’s new best bud.

Feb 11

Wow!  Mugs seems to be the long-shot favorite in our Zazzle shop so far.  Thank you for looking and buying.  Sandy and I get 10% of each sale and that helps us buy more fleeces for the Fiber Binder Club.

BTW, our own mugs with our Dyed in the Wool logo on them should be here tomorrow.  I can’t wait!!


Feb 8

We have more designs up on our Zazzle store.

The newest images uploaded for T-shirts, Bags and mugs are:




We have more designs for Scott to draw and I’ll let you know once they are done and uploaded.

The Close-Knit family one looks awesome on a mug!  That cat with the ball of yarn just cracks me up.

Feb 7

After much thought and calculations, the best way to get some of the designs that I have created and Scott has drawn up out to people ended up by going through a third-party company.  We chose Zazzle because the prices are better and it seems the quality of the products are nicer.

I don’t know if you remember this design:


Well, I have put it up on Zazzle on T-shirts, mugs and bags so far.  I will be adding more items as the days go by, and I’ll let you know as I do.  This design came to me while driving on the way home from work one night.  I wanted something to do with dragons and knitting humor, and Bammo!  It came to me!  So, I described it to Scott and he came up with this.  I think it is a hoot, and will be ordering my T-shirt, mug and bag.  I’m leaning toward navy for my shirt and I love the grocery bag because it is good and boxy.  Perfect for carrying a large knitting project.

So, please go out and look at these and buy some for yourself and your knitting friends – what a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day!  I guarantee you’ll get lots of laughs and knowing nods.  And when people ask where you got it, tell them where so they can order some, too.

Feb 6

So far, Sandy and I have signed up for two Fiber Festivals this year.  There will be other places, but these are the ones we know of at this moment.

The first one is May 18-19 at Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival.  For those of you who were there last year, just be assured that we are doubling the size of our booth this year.  We will have lots more and new designs of tie-dyed items, but, also, we have considerably increased the amount of spinning fiber we will have there – Corriedale, Cormo, Lincoln, Texel, East Fresian, Shetland and many other breeds of wool in many, many different colors.  For those who bought out all of the Cormo last year, we will have more for sale from the same breeder – all ribbon winner at the 2012 Indiana State Fair.

The second one is two weeks later on May 31st and June 1st Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival.  This will be our first year at this show and we are looking forward to it.  Again, we will have a double-sized booth.

We are looking forward to both shows – and since we know the weather will be hot, we will bring fans to help cool you off while you shop.

As we know of other shows, we will post them for you.  We hope to see you soon!!!

Feb 5

When I got home last night, I was pretty tired.  I am having issues with insomnia (again!) and I didn’t get much sleep Sunday night.  After a busy day at the office, I just wanted something mindless to do.

First, though, I said yesterday that I would show you all of the colors that went into the variegated single.


That’s right, 17 different colors all spun in a random fashion.  I had more of some colors and less of others, so the colors I had more of are more common, but then the rarer colors surprise you by popping up when you least expect them.

The brown that I am plying with these is toning the brights down, and giving the duller colors a change to shine more.


The best part, though, is watching the colors change.  This one has tan, dark green, blue, maroon, and old gold.


Then come some surprises with teal, orange, more tan, deep brown and pale aqua..  I can hardly wait to have this all plied up and see it in a skein.  My goal is to have it done by the end of the weekend.  We’ll see.  There is a lot yet to ply, and this is my jumbo bobbin, which, experience tells me, will hold about a pound of yarn.

I almost wish I could turn the wheel sideways so I can watch the colors change.

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