Oct 30

My oldest niece, Kim, shared a story about my mom that I wanted to share with all of you.  This story is so like my mom.

When Kayla and I where down in Texas this past July visiting grandma and grandpa we stumbled across something. We were trying to find the sheets in the camper (because grandpa moved them and apparently forgot to tell us) As we were looking we found an old Easter egg wrapped up in tape. We looked at in and in Grandmas handwriting it said “Give to Kristina on her 16th birthday =)” …me and Kayla didn’t open it but we just put it back and almost forgot about it.  When Dad went down to Texas the week before Grandma passed we remembered it and told him about it and he said he would try to remember to get it if he could. Well after grandma passed, me and Kayla made SURE daddy got the egg. Saturday night before the twins 16th birthday after they opened their presents from the rest of the family, dad brought out the egg and handed it to me and Kayla. We sat with Kristina on the floor and told her how we found it, everyone in the room started to tear up. We helped Kristina open it and saved the tape onto the card that grandpa gave her. (Grandpa had already left that morning to head back up to Indiana for a music jam, but we told him about it the next day) As we opened it a note popped out, “On July 3, 2003 Kristina told me to keep this forever but to give it back to her on her 16th birthday. I hope she knows how much I love her so so much!” It was a rock, a dime, a costume jewelry necklace with a play ring on it, and a little knob. The family had a good hour long “Cry session” I think we went through almost 2 whole boxes of Kleenexes.  We all then started telling storys of Mom and Grandma and our favorite memories of them and what they would say to us right now. Overall it was a great night and I think it’s a birthday that Kristina will never forget.”

To my mom, there was nothing more precious than her grandchildren.  Kristina has received a great gift in this memory.

Oct 29

I could use more weekends like this past one.  Saturday, I worked on Ebay sales for about 6 hours, bought groceries and worked on my Fiber Binder samples.  On Dye Day, I dyed 11 of the completed samples so far in three different pots, cochineal, Osage orange and indigo.  I won’t show them all to you, but here is an example of what I considered to be a finalized page in my own binder.

You can see the red, yellow and blue sample yarns above.  So, each page in my binder has or will have at least one spun sample (some of them I am spinning worsted and long-draw), a knitted swatch, two woven swatches – one straight off the wee loom and one washed and fulled (except the silk which doesn’t full), and dyed samples to see how they take color.  I even dyed the nearly black Lincoln lamb sample just to see if there was any variation.  The cochineal actually did quite well, but the Osage orange and the indigo just gave a slight hint of the colors.  All-in-all, I am quite proud of my binder so far.  Now to get back to it and continue it on.  This is fun seeing how all of the different fibers work up.  I am enjoying discovering new fibers and am finding what I thought would be my favorites not ending up that way.  For one, I am in love with down wool and the above Cormo has been the best overall.  Goodness that is one soft fiber.

Sunday was a full day of cooking, cleaning and laundry and I was in the mood for it.  Usually, when I am in the mood to clean house, I am at work and that mood is wasted on filing and such.  Finally, that mood and a weekend met up.  It was good, too.

We saw the end of Indian Summer here in Indiana last week.  Wednesday and Thursday were lovely days, but Friday started giving us a taste of winter and the high today is supposed to be in the upper 40’s.  But it was nice while it lasted.  And yes, I am wearing my wool socks today.  🙂

Sandy is thrilled that there is a hurricane named Sandy now, but I am not sure she is going to remain thrilled in a good way about it.  Watching the weather and reading all of the news reports of what is happening and expected to happen has me a bit frightened for all of my friends and family along the east coast.  And it looks like the affects of it are going to be felt as far west as mid Ohio.  That is one monster of a storm.

Scott feels like he is ready for it, though.

Actually, we got new hardhats at work and I brought my old one home so Scott could use it as a prop in his comic book work.  He put it on, and then forgot about it.  He said it was far more comfortable then he thought it would be.  He’s such a funny man.

I hope all of you had a good weekend, and for those of you living in the paths of those two colliding storms – I am praying that God makes your experience better than expected.  In fact, having it just peter-out at the last moment would be best, don’t you think?

Oct 26

Yesterday it was in the upper 70’s, sunny, breezy and just plain lovely.  The leaves trickled down from trees and crunched underfoot as you walked outside.  The smell in the air was delicious!!  A perfect Indian Summer day.

Today, it is raining, cold and the high is supposed to be in the low 50’s.  The forecast for the next week is temps in the 50’s.

The silver lining?  Wool!  Wool sweaters, socks, mittens and scarves.  And fires to snuggled up to.  Also, hot, spiced cider, flannel sheets, warm kitties snuggled up in your lap, extra cuddling time with your loved one(s), and time for indoor activities.

Thank you, God, for bringing on the colder weather.  It has been a long, hot, DRY summer, and, although the autumn days were lovely, I am so ready to break out the sweaters and wool socks again.  Bring on the crockpot meals, the ability to cook without overheating the house so much that you can’t sleep at night, the added layers of blankets on the beds and hunkering down like hibernating animals rather than hugging ice packs to keep cool, the warm shawls over my shoulders while I relax.  Bring on the quiet, peaceful days of weaving, spinning, knitting, reading, writing, sewing, etc., while the wind shrieks outside and the snow erases all the colors from the natural world.

I hate summer.  I love autumn, winter (well, most of it – I can do without the losing power part), and spring (except for the tornado parts).  I enjoy working out in the yard in the month of May, but that is about all until mid September.  Most of my favorite activities are indoor ones.  Yes, I am ready for cooler weather.

I know there are a lot of people out there who do not agree with me.  My Mom was one of them, and I know that Dad is champing at the bit to be able to head back to Texas.  Give them year-round sunshine and hot temps.  That’s fine with me.  We don’t all have to be alike, and, in fact, I think it is pretty cool that God made us all so different from one another.  But, I know what makes me happy, and I see no reason not to celebrate the seasons I love so much.  Autumn will always be my favorite because of the colors, the cooling temps, the crunchy leaves and the harvesting of good food.  But I do love playing in the snow, watching it snow and seeing the sun sparkle off of the snow.

And I love winter clothes and all the wooliness of it.


Oct 25

Just to let you know, if there is anything you want from the books I posted for sale, you have until midnight Friday (10/26) to get them.  After that, the unsold books are going up on ebay for sale.  When I go through my books again over the weekend, I’ll post a new selection of things that need new homes.  Our store name on ebay is scotts-attic, just in case.  Right now it, mostly, is Scott’s old role-playing books and games and a few of his digital painting magazines, but later there will be anything from craft kits to Star Trek figurines still in the original packaging.  I think Scott’s going to sell most of his Batman collection, too.  Instead of a yard sale or a garage sale, we are having an attic sale, hence the name of the store.

Two and a half weeks since Dye Day and I am finally getting my nails back to their normal color.  You can tell the index finger on my right hand got dipped into many pots as they were heating up to check their temperatures because it has taken the longest to lose color.  Which reminds me that I would like to get  hold of some real bone beads to dye.  All I can find around here are “imitation” bone beads, i.e. plastic.  Does anyone know where one can purchase real bone beads?

We are having our Indian summer here and today is supposed to be the final day of it.  It was near 80 yesterday and sunny, and today is supposed to be near 80 again.  Tonight, rain is coming in and tomorrow’s high is supposed to be in the 50’s.  It has been so nice outside.

Just when I thought life could not get busier, the amount of things being done amps up to the next level.


Oct 24

I shamelessly stole these pictures off of my niece’s Facebook page.

This is my brother’s youngest daughter, just two days before her 16th birthday as one of the Homecoming Princesses at their high school.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Her mom would have been so proud of her – at least Lori was there in memory.

Oct 22

Scott and I have started up an eBay store in the past month and are very slowly working out way through the attic selling those things we don’t need or want anymore.  I never realized how much work this is!  I spent over 6 hours working on it yesterday and 2 more hours before work this morning.  I have a good two hours worth of work more tonight, too.  This could easily end up as my 4th job.  Oh well.

The good side of it that we’ve sold quite a few things – mostly Scott’s stuff so far because his interests are far more popular than mine are.  That being said, I am gathering up several items from my area and I’m going to get them listed on here first before I take them to eBay.  I’d rather give first dibs to those like-minded people who gather here.  There are some things that I think will be grabbed up fast – others probably not, but you never know, do you?

Give me a couple of nights to finish up the eBay stuff, then I’ll get pictures and prices posted here.  It’s good to clear out things and get them into hands that will appreciate them more than I do.   They are mostly weaving, spinning, knitting and dying in subject matter – some duplicates that I’ve been given, some are things I bought thinking I’d do something along those lines, but never did.

Oct 19

I know I have been rather quiet here all week.  There has been a rather major deadline at work and I have been super busy with it and coming home pretty tuckered out.

Other than that, I am working on a new sock design during my spare time, and the yarn for it finally arrived yesterday so I can test knit it and see if it looks as good in real life as it does on paper.  You never know…

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

Oct 16
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Sandy and I are looking for a very good, raw Dorset fleece that is basically clean of vegetation and has been skirted.  If you or anyone you know has one for sale (and it must be purebred Dorset), please let us know or have the breeder contact us.  We are running low on Dorset for the Fiber Binder Club and need more of this particular breed of sheep.

Also, if you know of a breeder of purebred sheep or other fiber animals, please let us know.  We are gearing up for the next year of Fiber Binder Club and are looking for top-quality, purebred fleeces.


Thank you!!

Oct 14

I finally had the time to sit down and add in all of the new inventory items into the Dyed in the Wool store.  There are several great Halloween ideas in there as well as some awesome Christmas gift ideas.  Go and check them out, please!

Oct 12

Have you ever woke up and realized that your weekend plans would fill an entire week, much less two days?  I did just that this morning, and yet, I am still going to try to get as many things on my list done this weekend as I can.  Let’s see…

1. Finish cleaning the garage enough to get both cars in there and the tractor (with Scott’s help)

2. Thoroughly clean the kitchen and laundry rooms – after dye day prep, they are in bad shape (with Scott’s help)

3. Update my Dyed in the Wool store – Done

4. Create a banner and get a Fiber Binder Club Ravelry Group started

5. Go to the license branch to get the car plates

6. Go to the PO and mail off all the ebay sales that have closed and been paid for – Done!

7. Buy groceries, cook down a chicken carcass I have and make veggie soup – Done

8. Put more items up in ebay for sale. – Done

9. Finish threading my loom

10. Work on my new sock design – fair isle!!


11. Catch up two weeks of laundry and fold it all – Done

12.  Attend Gluten-Free Food Expo and get all kinds of new foods to try – Done

13. Wash out dyed stuff from Dye Day – Hankies done, still need to do yarn and fiber

Yes, I do plan to get all of that done in two days.  I’m so screwed…

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