Mar 26

Scott and I were both beyond tired Saturday morning, and neither of us felt like staying home and working on those things we should be doing, so we went to nearby Noblesville.

I have walked all over Noblesville many, many times, but I had never noticed this storefront before.  A wee touch of jolly old England in the heart of Indiana.

One of the reasons we went to Noblesville is the antique stores.  While wandering through one of them, we came across this – a folding sheep shearing table.  Let me tell you, if I had had sheep to shear, I would have snatched this baby up.  It was so cool!  If you are reading this and want to know where I found it, it was in a store on the northeast corner of the square next to a children’s book store called Wild Things.  I wish I could remember the name of the place, but I can’t. 

So, Saturday was relaxing.  I got to do some knitting on the second sock.

I’m past the gusset and onto the foot portion.  I’m hoping that I can have this done by the end of next weekend so I can get back to work on my sweater.  Also, because IU lost to Kentucky in Friday night’s game, I now owe my SIL a scarf in Kentucky’s colors.  I am already working out the details of the scarf design and I think she’ll really like it.

Yesterday, I finally dug into my paperwork and got my taxes done.  Remember, I have to do the studio’s taxes as well as our personal, so the only other thing I managed to do yesterday was to wash the next Fiber Binder Club fleece.

Just a wee hint to you Fiber Binder Club members.  Month 16 is one I’ve been holding onto because I wanted to have it all ready to surprise you with.  It’s a very hard fleece to send off because it is so lovely.  The packages will be in the mail early next week.

So, our first weekend of spring was both relaxing and busy.  I am soooo glad the taxes are done.  I dread doing them every year.  You’d think the IRS could make them less nasty to do.  I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes, but figuring out their forms and instructions make me want to scream and cuss.