Mar 14

Or in this case, it was people plying together.  Last night, I taught my spinning class at Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood and we worked on plying.  Once the first bout of yarn was plied and niddy-noddied off, we soaked them, rolled them in a towel, danced the excess water out of them and hung them.  Pretty, newbie yarn!  Sorry, no pictures.  I forgot my camera.)

Also, last night I discussed the different between roving (carded) and top (combed) and had them begin spinning some top so they could see the difference.  Both students fell in love with the top I had taken them, and getting to compare the Corriedale roving with the Corriedale top (both Ulf’s fleece) will be a good lesson for them.

One of the student’s has an English angora bunny and she is going to bring some of its fiber next month.  I’ll bring some washed fleece, the cards and my combs and show them how to blend fibers.  Getting a blend of the angora and wool will be fun as we can play around with ratios.  I think I’m looking forward to it as much as they are.

The weather here is definitely not March – more like May.  When I left the shop to come home last night, it was in the low 70’s and the air was lovely on my skin.  I have been enjoying my morning walks outside the last few days and yesterday, at lunch, I took a long walk in the cemetery next to where I work (see Year of Seasons if you want to see the cemetery).  It was so hard to come back inside.  And it helped push me over 10,000 steps so I met that goal as well.

Today, it is supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees.  It’s March 14th for Pete’s sake!  It kinda makes me worried what this summer is going to be like.