Mar 7

Okay, on Monday, I mentioned the Lincoln fleece that Sandy and I bought from Richert Ranch and that it had a story behind it.  Here is the story:

The Richerts have a Lincoln ewe named Bernadette Peters because with her ringlets she reminded them of the actress.  Well, the real Bernadette Peters came to Ft. Wayne and Anita and her family went to see her.  After the show, they stood in line to meet Ms. Peters and to get her autograph…  and they took a photo of the ewe Bernadette Peters with them.  Anitha said they weren’t sure if Ms. Peters would be offended or not, but decided to show it to her anyway and tell her about the ewe named after her.  What did Ms. Peters do?


The words on the picture read “Love to Bernadette from Bernadette Peters.”  How simply cool is that?

And about Bernadette the ewe from Anita: “Here’s the picture of our beautiful barnyard star! (as beautiful as the Broadway star in our eyes!)  Her British and New Zealand connection comes thru her Father. Her daddy’s maternal Grandpa is British and her paternal Grandfather lives in New Zealand. At the National Open Colored Lincoln Longwool show she placed second (right behind CoeCoe who you met last year) and it was the biggest Lincoln class of the day of all the classes- both white and colored! The judge put Bernadette 1st and CoeCoe second and then switched them before finalizing the class. He talked about how tough the class was and how the sheep were all fantastic and how hard it was to pick a winner. We fell in love with her and talked to her owner about how we adored her wool and asked if we could take her home with us. He was a very nice older gentleman who noticed the hard work and dedication Alaina & Sabrina had for their sheep and said we could buy her, so we did! We never had buyer’s remorse- she is a fantastic ewe and wow, her daughter looks like she’ll be even better. The bar has been set pretty high by Bernadette for CoeCoe’s future lambs!”

This is Bernadette’s ewe lamb, Galadriel.  Isn’t she the sweetest wee thing?

And why did Sandy and I jump on the chance to buy Bernadette’s fleece?

Just look at the luster on that fleece!  And you should see it in person.  The picture does not lie.  It really is that glossy.  At first I was thinking of dying it, but the more I look at it, I almost don’t want to.  But the sweater I have in mind to spin and knit from it needs to have the colors I have in my imagination.  Of course, there are about 2.25 pounds for each Sandy and I so I can still make something out of the natural color fiber – definitely washed and combed by hand.

In the 14th month selection for the Fiber Binder Club is fiber from a Lincoln ewe named Chocolate, also from Richert Ranch.  This year Chocolate gave birth the triplets – all boys.

Please meet Moe, Larry and Curley just minutes old. 

This is Moe.  Anita’s comments on these three fellows are: “They are always up to no good! Moe was getting pushed back and not gaining like his brothers so we give him a little extra with a bottle which makes him follow us around whenever we go in the pen, which makes him fodder for the camera. :)”

Whoever said raising beautiful fiber sheep isn’t a glamerous life had no clue!  Oh, and if anyone wants any of the award winning fleeces that come from Richert Ranch, you have to beat Sandy and I to them.