Mar 2

I get to work at 6:30 each weekday morning and leave work at 4:00.  Most days I go to the gym after work and leave there at 5:15.  This means I get home at about 6, which is exactly 12 hours from when I leave home to go to work.  That’s a long day.

When I get home, I pull into the drive way, get out and get the mail, then get back in my car.  When I look at the house, what do I see?

Hmmm…  What is that in the window just to the left of the front door?

My welcome home committee! 

When I pull around back to the garage, they race from the front window to the back door and wait for me there.  Scott says they can hear my car when I’m on the road before ours and will wake up and go running downstairs to greet me.

Goodness, I love these two cats!