Apr 14

With the NCAA Final Four approaching, Sharon and I decided we’d make a friendly bet on the game between VCU and Butler.  Since Butler is here in Indianapolis, I took them and Sharon backed VCU.  The loser had to send to the winner 4 ounces of either fiber or yarn from their stash.

Well, Butler won that game and you should see what Sharon sent me!

These are from two of her Shetlands.  Meet Mickey Mouth and Oliver Twist.  Mickey earned his name because he is a talker and Oliver because of his twisted horns.  Mickey is a reserve grand champion winner from the “now defunct” Navada State Fair and Oliver is a ribbon winner in his own right.  They feel incredible!

As per Sharon’s suggestion, I’ll spin them and ply them together.  Then comes the fun part – do I dunk them into dye pots for stripes or knit them as is?  I’m thinking these will make great gloves for me next winter.  My new coat that I will weave the fabric for will be medium gray with blue, pink and purple stripes in it, all done with natural dyes.  Getting the stripes in the gloves to match the colors in the coat wouldn’t be hard.  Hmmm…  The more I think of this idea, the better I like it.

Something tells me that alpaca that I have been spinning is about to hit the back burner once again.  I think I have some Shetland to spin up first.