Apr 11

Yesterday morning, I invited Scott to walk around the 3-mile block with me.  It was raining Saturday morning, so no walk then, but Sunday dawned bright and beautiful.

I was a bit concerned about Scott going with me because he isn’t used to walking like I am, but he was sure he could do it, so off we went.  We took our cameras, mostly taking pictures of “textures” for his library, but I did get a couple of photos along the way of things that I found inspiring.

There are several small streams that we passed over on the walk, but this one really made me stop for a second look.  It’s dry in the summer, but this time of year, with all the rain we have had, it was alive and singing.  The birds answered the song and the trees swayed to the music around them and it was a place of magic.  I could have stood there for hours just taking it all in.

On the back side of our block is a small, old cemetery that is well maintained by our township.  Scott wanted to get pictures of the lichen on the tombstones, so I walked to the back fence line and saw this.

Through the small copse of trees was this verdant valley with more trees and more open space beyond.  Wouldn’t this be a lovely place to have a small home?  I could wake up to that view every morning and never tire of it.  Taking the Year of Seasons pictures has really taught be that even when things look the same, they are always changing and there is continually new things to see.

By the time our walk was done, we basically completed a 5K.  I am so proud of Scott for making it all the way around with me and proving to himself that walking three miles won’t kill him.  This is a huge step for him.  I don’t think he has made this walk with me in over 15 years, when he was a much thinner and younger lad of about 30.

I hope your weekend was good to you, and here’s to a great week!  The last full week of tax season – that’s gotta be good, right?