Apr 1

My first picture was taken on Secember 30, 2010 and posted on October 1st.  This week’s picture was taken on March 31, 2011 and posted on April 1st.  We are exactly 6 months into the year of seasons.

With the picture taken on September 30th, the trees were fully green and it still looked like summer.

And this week’s picture is the opposite.  It still has a wintry look to it in that there are still no leaves.

The very next picture last fall started showing some color in the leaves, hints of what was about to come.  Will next week’s picture begin to show some change in the colors and give us hints of what is about to come as well?  Keep your fingers crossed that is exactly how it works out.  Because, between you and me, I am ready for some color changes.  I am ready to see some green on the trees, even if it is only a hint.