Jul 30
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Sometimes left-overs are great!  When I finished plying the green and navy together for Blackwatch, I had some of the navy singles left over.  When I finished plying Blerry Slushie, I had some of the red singles left over.  Well, not one to let anything go to waste, I decided to ply the remaining navy and red together and see what I would get.

And this is what I got!  4.7 ounces of 50% merino and 50% fine wool in a sock weight yarn.  I named it Brambleberry because it looks like the fruit, both partially ripe and fully ripe, on my wild bramble bushes. 

But I am sorry, this is not for sale.  I’ve been wanting to knit some fingerless mitts for Scott to keep his hands warm in the winter, but also keep his fingers free for drawing, inking and using the computer.  I think this ought to do the trick nicely!

It has cooled off here for a brief time with the highs in the lower 80’s but the hummidity has abated a bit. Yesterday was actually rather nice, if still a little too warm for my tastes, outside.  My morning walking partner loves summer and the hot temperatures, but even she admitted that she is ready for autumn.