Jul 26

Kristy’s and my first item to do was to look over the sampler and see what patterns in it we liked and wanted to do for the towels.

There were several she really liked and she was so thrilled at how her sampler turned out.

Next, we needed to wind the warp onto her loom and get her ready to weave.  For this her husband David joined us so he would know what to do when she needed to warp the loom herself for the first time. 

So, Kristy tied the warp ends onto the back apron,…

the warp chains were straightened out (David was a bit concerned at the mess of warp chains under the loom as Kristy and I threaded the loom on Saturday),…

and the winding on process began.  We had 8 yards 12 inches of warp to put onto the loom, enough to seven towels and loom waste.

But David got the hang of his job while Kristy did the winding and I made sure the edges of the warp stayed onto the corrugated cardboard I use to separate the warp layers on the warp beam.

After correcting a few threading errors, we finally got the warp tied onto the front apron bar,…

and got the header woven.  Kristy was all ready to start weaving!

Of course, you can’t weave without bobbins of yarn ready, so she filled up 14 bobbins, enough to get her through until she can get a bobbin winder of her own.  I could tell that David already has an idea of how he’s going to make her one.  He is one clever man to have around!

With a box of full bobbins, Kristy sat down and wove the hem of the first towel.  This first towel is going to be a sampler of the weaves she wants to use for the next six, so she wove a couple of inches of tabby, a cuple inches of a pattern I don’t know the name of but it is sort of a half basket – one pick using the treadling of 1-2/3-4 and repeat and a couple of inches of 2/2 twill before she tuckered out for the day.

Here is what her towels look like so far.  I really like the colors she has chosen and believe she will have lovely towels when she is done.

And best yet, doesn’t Kristy look happy at her loom?  She kept exclaiming how pretty it looked and how much she was enjoying the weaving.  She said she had waited all her life to do this, and she could not be happier.  Now, what could a student say that would make a teacher happier?  Nothing!!! 

And here is an example of how handy David is.

He made her this adjustable weight, rocking weaving bench for her.  She got to use it yesterday while weaving for the first time.  She is one lucky lady.

And, that my friends, is how I spent my birthday weekend.  It could not have been better!