Jul 12

As you know by now, Sandy and I have delved into te realm of dyeing our own T-shirts for sale.  Since we have started this, we have had many, many orders both far and near.  Below are two pictures of happy customers and you can see Roxie here, gladly modeling the shirt we made for her.

Mary could hardly wait to get her shirt and showed up before I could get its picture taken for my archives.  It is because of her that I thought you might want to see pictures of some of the shirts we have sold.

Colette loved her shirt so well, that she ordered ones just like it for her mother, daughters and granddaughter and they are getting a 4 generation portrait taken in their matching shirts.

So, if you have a family gathering, company picnic, Little League or soccer team and need matching shirts, please email me and ask.  This is something we are more than happy to do for you.

This shirt is for a young lady who saw the Pinwheel Fireworks that Sandy made a few weeks ago and wanted one similar to it.

I wish I had thought to take pictures of some of the others, but I will from now on. 

We also dyed several extra shirts to put in the store for you to purchase.  Check out the following!









And, beginning today through the end of July, we are offering free shipping on all orders over $100, so take advantage of this offer while the getting is good!

If you are looking for a custom-made shirt in your choice of colors and design, please email me.  We will even email you a proof photo of the shirt before shipping it to you to make sure it meets your expectations.  Just remember, we might not be able to match some of the designs exactly, but we will do our best to come as close as we can.  Also, if you want either Woman of Peace, Man of Peace or the Latin I Spin, I Weave, I Dye (in solid colors) on your shirt, just let me know by email when you place your order and I will add this to your shirt for free.

Now, to show you a couple of other designs we did over the weekend.

Thanks for letting me brag and jabber on about these.  Now go and buy a few!