Jul 11

I’m not one of those people who are afraid of bugs.  I’ll admit to being leary of yellow jackets, wasps, and those black furry jumping spiders, and I’ll be the first to chase down a mosquito and smash it to oblivion, but most other members of the insect kingdom I just ignore. 

Except one species that causes chills to run down the back of most of us fiber people – Moths!  I have seen the damage caused by the clothes moth, and since I don’t really know which moth(s) cause the damage, I just kill all on site.  But I didn’t kill this fellow.

He was HUGE!  I mean like 2 inches long and as much in width at the back of his wings.  He had furry legs and was waiting to get into my house through the sliding glass doors.  Rather than kill him, though, I shooed him away and into the weeds because I found him more fascinating than scary.  By the looks of him, he’s more at home hiding on the bark of some tree than on the white trim of my door.

So, does anyone know what kind of moth he is?  I live in central Indiana, so if that helps narrow it down a bit for you, great.  I’d love to know if I did a good thing by sparing his life, or will I regret it when he and the rest of his kin come back and devour the 7 fleeces I have waiting to be washed and processed?

Yesterday, I took a rest break.  After a week of entertaining Lulu, dyeing 16 shirts and all the month end stuff at work, I felt I deserved it.  Today, I have made up for it by mowing 80% of my yard (before it got way too hot for me), showered, set up a new plotter for my husband, and lettered a page of the comic.  I still plan to make two window seat cushions for Sandy and dye 4 more shirts for which we have orders.