Jul 9

Or a mail truck – whichever!

Lulu has packed her bags and is ready for her trip to New Jersey.  Here she is sporting her new Colts earrings and her Indianapolis Children’s Museum pin. 


Here’s a picture of her posing with the bottles that Sandy brought on Sunday.  Notice they are now empty?  For some reason, she is insisting on taking the empties with her.  Odd souvenirs, but they are hers and I’m not going to stop her – as if I could anyway.  I swear that ewe has some mule in her genetic make-up someplace.

Before leaving Indiana, Sandy and I arranged for Lulu to meet with a true Hoosier celebrity – Garfield.  As soon as he arrived, Lulu ran over to him and gave him a kiss.

Of course, the shameless hussey had to sit on his lap and get her picture taken.  I think Garfield will always remember this tourist from Australia. 

I have one more thing I want to make for her, but I’ll have to send it to her in Australia.  Finding 100% cotton T-shirt material at JoAnn’s has proven impossible, so I need to rethink my plan.  I have an order to Dharma coming up, so I’ll just have to order if from them.

I believe Lulu has had fun here, although she doesn’t understand our living so far away from the “fun,” as she puts it.  She did enjoy grazing on the fresh grass and laying out in the sun during the day. 

This message is to Donna Lee:  Good luck!  You are in for an interesting time.

Jul 9

Dave Kellett solved this one very nicely.  The rest of the world should work together as well as these two do.