Jul 5

After a quick trip to the grocery store this morning before it got too hot, Sandy came over for a day of T-shirt dyeing.

Eight hours and 16 T-shirts (plus some fabric and a little something extra for Lulu) later, and a very tuckered Sandy went home.  I am tired, but very pleased with what we got done today.  Eleven out of the 16 are already spoken for and the rest will be going up in the store later this week – unless someone buys them before then.

Sandy brought some Godiva Chocolate Liquer, some Rum and some Canadian Whisky for Lulu.  Lulu grabbed the bottles and I haven’t seen her since.  I assume she’s crashed in some corner somewhere and we’ll hear from her later when she gets hungry.  That ewe definitely has issues.  In the meantime, the car keys are safely in the pocket of my pants, so our vehicles are safe.

Shower time, and then I have a date with my loveseat, a partially knitted sock and Lord Peter Wimsey.