Jul 4

For those of you who don’t know Lulu Naughty Lamb and her story, let me give you a short summary to date.  This past spring, Roxie and her husband took a vacation to Australia.  Bobby and Bucky Merino went with them, and while they were there, they met Lulu.  Well, after a wonderful time traveling with Roxie and crew, Lulu stowed away in Roxie’s luggage and came back to America with her.  After waiting a few weeks to get Lulu’s passport here, Lulu has been traveling around the United States, starting with Portland, Oregon with Roxie, then to Alaska, southern California, and now she’s here in Indiana.

I had heard some rather disturbing stories about drunken routs and orgies with any male she can get, so I was a bit apprehensive about Lulu’s visit.  In fact, when she arrived, her first task was to email Roxie.

In this email she mentioned booze, dry and thirsty.  First, I had to disappoint her by telling her that Scott and I didn’t drink alcohol, but Sandy said she would bring Lulu something on Monday if Lulu could hold out until then.  Lulu grumbling said she thought she might make it but bringing chocolate, too, might help.

That was on Friday, and that evening, Scott and I took her to our favorite Mexican restaurant for supper.

Lulu loved the decor and kept demanding “Where’s the fiesta!”  Finally, we calmed her down and suggested she look at the menu.

Lulu really took a liking to Scott.  She heard me call him “Angus”, which is Scott’s middle name and he gets called that as much as he does Scott here.  She kept pestering him to see if he were a “chip off the old bull” until I finally had to have a woman-to-ewe talked with her and explain that Scott belonged to me so she might as well give it up.

By the time the food arrived, Lulu was pretty famished (it’s a loooong flight from California to Indiana), so she devoted her time to eating.  I think she liked it because she cleaned her plate, leaned back, belched, and remained pretty quiet the rest of the night.

Saturday, both Lulu and I were rather tired, she from jetlag and me from not having any time off for a month.  So she and I spent the day watching Lord Peter Wimsey episodes.  She fell asleep about halfway through the second one and I had to turn the sound up to drown out her snores.  I cannot imagine what she would be like if she had been allowed to have alcohol!

This morning, we told Lulu we were going to go out for breakfast, then take her to a museum.  She sulked all the way to the breakfast place.

When she discovered how nice all the people there were, she settled down to the menu and picked out what she wanted.

Lulu’s not a morning sheep, but once she had her cuppa, she declared she felt better and was ready to humor us about the museum.

Now the museum we had decided to take her to just isn’t any old museum – It’s the Indianapolis Children’s Museum!  This is the largest children’s museum in the world and other cities from all over the world come here to see how we did it so they can go back and set up their own children museums.  We are simply the best!!

The site of those life-sized dinosaurs trying to get into the building perked Lulu up and she dragged us through the skywalk to get there from the parking garage.

She wanted us to get a closer look at the dinosaurs before we went into the building.

And from inside.  At this point, we realized that Lulu LOVED dinosaurs, so that was the exhibit we went to first.  The next pictures are Lulu with the dinosaurs and all we heard from her was “Hey!  Get a shot of me here!” the rest of the time there.  Sorry if most of the shots gotten today had dinosaurs in them, but she insisted and who were we to deny her such a simple pleasure.

From the dinosaurs, we went into the model train exhibit and Lulu thought it would be fun to ride some of them.  Luckily, those that were running on their tracks were going too fast for her to climb on board, but she did look around her furtively on occasion, so I had to keep a close hold onto her in case she tried it anyway.

Lulu insisted on having her picture taken next to this red light and giggled the entire time.  Not sure what the joke was…

There’s a big Chihuly exhibit at the Children’s Museum and Lulu loved all the glass and the reflections from them.

This polar bear was in the original Children’s Museum here in Indianapolis and Scott remembers it from when he was a kid.  Lulu humored him and got her picture taken next to it.

And she humored me by standing so that I could get her picture with the huge water clock, which is one of my favorite things here.

Currently there is a Rock and Roll exhibit there and Lulu went nuts over the items in there.  Here she is with one of B.B. King’s “Lucille” on the right, Chuck Berry’s guitar on the left and Mick Jagger’s above her.  I think she would have licked Mick’s if there hadn’t been glass between her and it.  Now, that I really can’t understand! Ew!

The same with members of KISS.  Not my taste, but there you go.  She said it was about time she got close to someone famous. 

She smiled prettily when Scott asked her to pose with Spiderman.  It was hard to get her to look at the camera, she just kept murmuring something about the view from this angle.

And then Lulu saw the Indy race car and we got in line so she could drive it.  The noises she made while at the wheel made me realize that there was no way she was getting a hold of my car keys.

By the time we could finally drag her away from the race car, there was a long line of impatient children waiting their turn.  We drew some angry stares from the parents, but we just explained that Lulu was visiting from Australia and it was her first time seeing a race car in real life.  They then smiled and told Lulu they hoped she was enjoying her visit. 

Lulu and this young man really loved one another.  She kept going back for “One more hug!” 

She thought it was odd that Scott and I had a section of the museum named after us, but we explained that it wasn’t really named after us but a section devoted to real stories about real people.  I don’t think we convinced her, though.

She loved the Barbie exhibit and said they had the best clothes!

And she said that since she couldn’t have my Scott, she’d take this one.  This one had more wool anyway.

Outside the museum, Lulu wanted to have her picture taken with the replicas of these famous buildings.  She said it might be the closest she’ll ever get to the real things.  Taj Mahal.

An Aztec Ziggurat.

The Great Wall of China.

The Sphinx.

The Coliseum.

The Parthenon.

A replica page out of Anne Frank’s diary – she did this one for me.

And back around full circle to more dinosaurs. 

Lulu loved the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and admitted that it was like no other museum she had ever heard about.  It’s not everyday you get to go to a museum and get placed in the jaws of a dinosaur, get your picture take with KISS, get to scope out Barbie’s wardrobe and drive a race car.

She is now taking a nap.  She said she is still feeling the jet-lag and hopes Sandy remembers her promise of booze tomorrow. 

Now, I need a nap.  Lulu’s worse than a kid!