Sep 27
Two in a row!!
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I love busy and productive weekends at home.  Usually, at best, I get one day out of the two to get things done, but this weekend, I got a bonus day and today was just as busy as yesterday.

After a week of rain (last Saturday was the last really nice day we’ve had), we finally have a day of sunshine.  Since the dryer’s on the repair list, I have been taking advantage of these days to hang clothes out on the line.


So, my laundry is done for another week, but…


…I also managed to wash one of the rugs from my studio.  This one is a handwoven rug I picked up several years ago, and it has been patiently waiting for me to have a weaving studio.


It’s a weft-face rug all done with rug warp and the colors are lovely and bright.  It has a couple of repairs in it, so I must be at least the second person to enjoy it.

While I was doing the laundry, I started on an reupholstery project that I’ve been meaning to do all summer.  A friend of ours, Paul McCall, asked me to redo a chair for him and every time I have tried to get to it, something else has come up.  So today, I cleared my plate and began working on it.


Here is the front of the chair.  I really like the style of it, and it is really comfortable.


The side of the chair.


And the back of the chair.


Oh, yes!  And Lizzie sitting in the chair.  Lizzie has been my mascot for over 20 years, and was the prototype for most of the dolls I have made.  She has gone to comic book conventions, and has traveled all over the country with us.  And, she stayed with me at the hospital when I had surgery a few years ago.  She has a very sweet spirit.

First thing, I gathered the supplies I needed.



And made 10 yards of cording.


Took the cushion off and began tearing it apart.


Lizzie helped.

Then I turned the chair over and began to remove the dust cover so I could get the rest of the fabric off of the chair.  I intend to carefully dismantle the cover and use the pieces as pattern pieces to make the new cover.  I have never covered anything round before, so this is going to be a fun challenge.

But first the unfun challenge.


I swear there must be 50 zillion staples on the bottom of this thing.  The manufacturer obviously was afraid the fabric might try to get away and made sure it stayed put no matter what!  This is going to take some prying with the tack puller.

Oh yes, and one of my favorite tools.


What’s so cool about a yard-stick, you ask?


Because this one goes up to 48 inches.  Handiest thing I own.  Seriously!