Sep 13

Yesterday, Sandy and I boarded a bus (organized by Mass Ave Knitting Shop here in Indianapolis) and went to Chicago to spend the day at Stitches Midwest. Due to their rather stringent rules about photographs, I have only one I can show you, but first a story.

Sandy is a HUGE fan of Addi Turbos and owns just about one in every size possible, and that’s not including the New Addi Clicks. Me? I don’t like metal needles and find them too slick, but I do own several of their wooden needles and like them. I guess I’m always going to choose wooden needles over metal ones if given the chance.

Well, Skacel had a booth at Stitches and they were giving away 20 of their “Hello, my name is ____________. I’m a knitter.” T-shirts, which, if I understand it right, are not available to be purchased by the general public, but are being used as a promotional item. Well, Sandy wanted one and she and I put our names in for the drawings.

We checked back several times over the course of the day to see if we had won any of them. At about 5:15, less than an hour before our bus was scheduled to depart for home, we checked at the booth one last time, and Karin Skacel, President of Skacel told us that because we had been there so many times to see if we had won, that she was just going to give each of us a T-shirt. How nice can you get?

So here we are, with Karin Skacel, with our new T-shirts.


She was such a nice person and Sandy and I both fell in love with her.

Of course, while we were on the bus going up there and back (at least while there was enough light to knit by, I worked on my newest natural dye sweater vest. This one is going to be all in different shades of indigo and I’m doing it in Feather & Fan lace.


And here is a more detailed view of the way the pattern is coming out.


Tomorrow, I will be at the Indianapolis Embroiderer’s Guild to talk about and show samples of natural dyeing. I’ll be taking both sweater vests, the handspun/handwoven indigo and cochineal fabric and the madder gradation shawl to show them. I am to talk for 45 minutes, but this is no problem for me. Natural Dyeing us such a passion of mine, the hard part will be stopping at 45 minutes.

I hope everyone’s weekend was as lovely and fun as mine has been!