Sep 9
I feel autumn in the air
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This past weekend, a holiday weekend, I came down with a pretty nasty head cold. I could gripe and complain about not being able to get those tasks on my list done that I had planned to do, but I won’t. Why not?



When you don’t feel well enough to mow the yard or reupholster a chair, you might still be able to knit.


You might still sleep alot, but you can still knit a little here and there.


And I knitted a bit. So, this is now completed and ready for the natural dye lecture I’m giving next Monday.

And I have already started the next vest, but with only 6 rounds done, there isn’t anything exciting to show you, yet. I will give you a hint, though. This is my first “real” foray into lace. Eeek!! My palms get clammy just thinking about it.