Sep 3
It’s my bag, man!
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See what I got in today’s mail!!!!! I was stunned into speechlessness, which if you know me, is a near impossibility.

Remember this cloth?


Well this is what Kathie turned it into!


Isn’t this the most beautiful bag you have ever seen? And look at the strap length! How did Kathie know I love to wear my bags across my body so the straps aren’t continually falling off my shoulder? It’s like she knows me personally, and we have never met except on-line. This bag fits like it was tailor-made for me with fittings and everything.

And that isn’t the best part. Check this out!!!


It’s reversible!!! This is one side of the winter version…


And this is the other side of the winter version. It’s like having two bags instead of one, but they take up the space of only one bag. Cool, huh? Kathie used the yarn I sent her and wove fabric for the strap, the smaller of the winter-side pockets and the sides and bottom of the summer side. And I wish you could check out the button holes – I swear she made them by hand because these don’t look like anything I’ve ever seen a machine do! This is a true partnership between us. I really like that!

This bag is more than I ever dreamed it would be and it’s hard to believe my handwoven fabric became part of something so lovely! So, I’ve named it my Dreams Come True bag, since that is what it is – a dream come true for me.

And see what our other two Weaver’s Swap partners made!! You’ll have to hit the links to see Jessica’s blog posts with the bags.

Here is what Jessica got from Lynn!

And what Lynn gets from Jessica!

This has truly been the best fun ever! I can’t wait until next year! Now, Dave, put your thinking cap on and let’s think up something cool for next year’s swap. Anyone have any suggestions for us?