Jul 30
Weaver’s Swap Update
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Finally! I get to show you the fabric I wove last weekend for the Weaver’s Swap. My swap partner, Kathie Kelleher, has contacted me to tell me she has received it.

Like I said earlier, I had to redesign my project due to yarn weight issues. I used Weave-It Pro on my laptop and fiddled with it until I came up with the design I liked using the colors I had. The only thing I really don’t like about weaving programs is that there is no way to see how a variegated yarn is going to look like since all you can design with are solids.


So, here are the plan, the warp and the yarns I used for this project. As I was measuring off the warp, I began to doubt my design. I was afraid the purplish variegated in the warp and the bluish variegated in the weft would not be able to show up the pattern in the weaving very well. I had chosen a Rose Path pattern to do this with and I was afraid of how it was going to turn out.


I needn’t have worried, though. I liked what I was getting and the subtle changes in colors with the two variegated yarns gave it interest that it wouldn’t have had with just solids.

Once I was far enough into the weaving to easily view the “back” of the fabric, decided I liked the back better than the front.


I don’t know how well you can see it here, but I really liked the diamond/lattice-work pattern and decided that the back was now the front for my part of it, although I would let Kathie decided which she liked the best for the bag.

I really like the aprons I made for this loom. They let me weave right up to the knots almost touching the back of the heddles. See?


This picture gives you an even better idea of how close I can get it and still get enough shed to shove a shuttle through.


Because of the HD emblem on the side of this loom, Scott has taken to calling it my “High-Definition” loom. I know. I groaned, too.


And here it is just off the loom – all 12′ 3.5″ of it. Notice the change in color? I knew I wouldn’t have enough of the light green yarn I was weaving the majority of the fabric with, so I continued the piece using the yarn that was the secondary color in the weft. After it was done, I almost wished I had had more of this yarn because I really like it.

See the difference between the two? This is after fulling. BTW, it was 17.5 inches wide after fulling and 11′ 3″ long. So I lost a foot in length and 2.5 inches in the width.




And here is a close up of the “right side” of the fulled cloth that Kathie received:


And the “wrong side.”


Now, I think I like the right side best. It’s amazing how much difference is made in the look of the cloth just by water finishing it. Like Laura Fry says, there’s “Magic in the Water.”

What am I going to do with my part of this? I can’t tell you right now, but it is destined to go to someone because the colors work perfectly with the decor. They will make two lovely towels for her bathroom. And if you figure out who I am talking about, PLEASE don’t tell her. I want to surprise her.

Tomorrow, I will show you what Kathie sent to me! This is so much fun! I’m already looking forward to next year’s Weaver’s Swap!