Jul 11

Today, Sandy and I took a silk painting/dyeing class with Sylvia Gray at the Indianapolis Art Center. I’ve done some silk painting in the past, but I wanted to learn from someone who knows what they are doing. We had lots of fun!

Sandy really got to show her creative self today, and she was much more courageous when it came to color mixing. Look at the picture below, for example:
Sandy’s scarf is the one on the right and another student’s scarf is on the left. Nothing I did came out nearly as cool as these two. I think Sandy is on to something here and I can’t wait until we get to play more with silk dyes at my house. First we need to order more scarves.

Another student did this really wonderful scarf, which looks like the sunlight shimmering off of the surface of a swimming pool, so she added a dragonfly to complete the effect. I loved this one!

And here are my attempts at this. I started off pretty staid in my color sense, but I was going after the idea of a spider’s web in the bushes on a dewy morning with this one. I like it and it is pretty much what I had imagined.

Then, I started playing with folded scarves to see what they would look like when tie-dyed. My first attempt is pretty, but the colors and the flower design reminds me of the hankies that my paternal grandmother used to carry with her everywhere.

After seeing something Sandy had dyed, I tried to get more bold with my color choices, and produced this tie-dyed scarf.

Better, but I still wanted something more dramatic. Sylvia showed us how to fold a square scarf and get a square design on it. So I folded it like she did, then with the part that would go toward the middle, twisted it tightly and rubber-banded the crap out of it all. I started to squirt dye on it and when I got about half way done, I asked Sandy what she would do next, so she pointed and I squirted and together, we came up with this.

The center part looks like a bear (and the nose looks like a set of nostrils and mouth on a bear when you can see it in person).


The part I really like is the “flames in the grass” effect on the border. I have no idea how that happened, but it is really cool!


It almost makes you feel you should call the fire department.