Jul 7
Merrily Sorting Along
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Last night Scott and I moved the old dining room table, his recliner and the folded up Harrisville loom into Studio B.  When I turned to face the disarray that had been stuffed under the table and around the  love seat, I panicked! The sense of overwhelm hit me and I fled and hid my head in the sand…errr…a book.

Tonight, with a night’s sleep and a day mulling over the best way to tackle my mountain, I set up another table and just began at one end and worked my way to the other.    I’d say I am over half-way getting all the stuff hidden there for the last few months sorted and organized to better put it away once some cabinet and shelving units have been moved into the room.


Yes, I am a bag (and box) lady, and everyone of these were stuffed full of something.


Like dyeing, spinning and weaving equipment, books, containers, other bags, old SWIFT Newsletters,…


…fiber, yarn, dyed silks, handwoven fabric, knitting needles, pens, buttons, loom parts, dye samples, …


… and some of my antique weaving parts.  I am a huge sucker for old weaving parts and tools, whether they be commercial or personal.  That second huge bobbin from the end is all metal and must weigh a couple of pounds.  I have lots more of these kinds of things that will be be displayed here and there in the studio once I get it all set up.

And you can see the window corner detail better in this picture.  Again, we wanted something nicer that just mitered corners and I fell in love with these simple, concentric circle medallions.


And then there is my sewing machine and what will be Scott’s corner where he can read, draw or just sit and talk with me while I work.  To the right of the recliner on top of the stack of white, plastic buckets is something that I treasure – a 5 lb bag of ground, Turkish madder root – the best stuff you can get.  Expensive, but oh so worth it!!!

And that’s all that will get done tonight.  I have my BASK meeting tomorrow night, then back at it on Thursday.  If I can get the sitting room cleared out by bedtime on Thursday, then we can move the big loom downstairs and out of Studio A Friday night.  Woohoo!!!