Jul 5

The hard part is done!!!  Wanna see?


Please excuse the dirty lens on my camera.  Lots of sawdust has been flying around the past two days.  But here is the back corner.


Here is the trim detail in the corners.  I wanted something that reminded me of old homes built in this area from 1870-1900 and several of them have detailing like this.


The front door and coat closet.  The wall vent on the upper left of the picture is still missing, but that is because I haven’t found the one I want, yet.  If I cannot find a wooden one in the right color, I’ll look for a bronze colored one.  I just think the old, white painted metal one would stick out like a sore thumb in this room, now.


Don’t you love the half-round between the two colors on the walls?  It adds such a classic touch and really makes this room feel it came from a house 100 years older that it really is.

Tomorrow night I’ll give it a final clean (all I have done is sweep it at this point).  Then I’ll start moving the stuff back in and getting it orgnized and arranged to suit my needs best.  Let’s see how many times I rearrange this place before I find the perfect arrangement!