Nov 22

Sandy and I will have all of our tie-dyed clothing and accessories at:

Christmas Bazaar

Please come and do your Christmas Shopping here and help a ton of local businesses.  Quite a few of these business sell hand-crafted items, so here is your opportunity to get one-of-a-kind and unique gifts for this holiday season.

Sep 5

Yes, I know I have already posted this morning, but I wanted to let all of you know that today is my paternal grandmother’s 100th birthday.  100!!!  Can you believe it?  She still lives at home by herself (although there are family members in houses all around hers) and she still waters her plants and raises tomatoes.

Happy 100th Birthday, Granny!!!


The wheelchair on the day of the family reunion was because my aunts didn’t want her walking on the uneven ground of the campground.  She kept telling them she could walk, but they kept telling her to sit down and enjoy the ride.  She is an awesome woman, and I hope to grow up to be just like her.

May 25



Have you been wanting to buy stuff from the Dyed in the Wool Zazzle Store?  Well, Zazzle is having a sale this weekend (through Monday), so hit the Zazzle link to the right to the Dyed in the Wool store and have some fun getting those shirts, bags, mugs, hats, or whatever it is that you have been wanting that have been created by Dyed in the Wool.  Make sure you use the code mentioned below to get your discount.  Thank you!!!





50% Off Select Photo Prints, Posters and Canvas Prints
40% Off Select Bags and Hats
30% Off Select Mugs and Water Bottles
25% Off Select T-Shirts and Tank Tops
20% Off Select Cases
15% Off All Other Select Products
Mar 29

Come and visit us at our booth!


Mar 16

It’s official!  I will be teaching a one-day, outdoor workshop on natural dyes. 

This is going to be fun!!!

Jun 29
Happy Shirts!
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Go and check out the newest photos on Dyed in the Wool!  We have a photo of the llama club wearing the shirts from the workshop a couple of weeks ago.  Also, there is a portrait of a family who ordered matching, custom-dyed shirts from us just for this event.  Don’t they look great?

Feb 1
Hunkering In and Trusting for the Best
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I’m sure you’ve either heard about or are in the midst of experiencing this dangerous storm that is crossing and affecting 2/3 of the US.  We had our first round of “wintry mix” just in time for the trip home from work.  It took me over half an hour to go 2 miles on the interstate last night, so I took the first exit I came to and came home via back roads.  Very slow, very slick and tension filled.  I filled up with gas as soon as I got to the gas station near my home, and Scott had a spot cleared out in the garage for me to back my car into.  He has no workshop right now, but I think working out there is the least of his worries at the moment.  His poor car is sitting outside and is coated in ice right now.

In anticipation of this storm, Sandy and I each took home enough work to get us through a couple of days.  With tax season upon us and getting the several companies whose books we do ready for the CPA to do the taxes, we cannot take the chance of falling behind.  And with the look of things, we’ll be lucky to get out to go to work on Thursday.  I feel for the highway department and their crews right now.  I foresee lots of sleepless night and lots of black coffee being drunk.  Of course, if we do lose power, I’ll get lots of knitting done, and perhaps get a loom or two warped.  I’d rather work on taxes, though, because I do not want the power to go out.

I’m trying very hard to keep my faith that we won’t get hit as bad as the weather service says we will.  We are smack in the middle of that band of heavy icing that goes from St. Louis through Indianapolis and further to the northeast.  If we can keep the power on, we will be fine.  If the power goes out, well, we know what we need to do to drain all the water lines in the house to keep the pipes from bursting.  We already have several gallons of water in containers and the tub is filled with water to use for flushing the toilet.  We have food a plenty because I just went to the grocery store on Sunday, so we are set there.  As for staying warm, well, I have several washed fleeces and surely I can make use of them.  Not to mention wool socks, wool sweaters, wool scarves, wool hats,…  You get the idea.  I believe we’ll be just fine.

Jan 21

Okay, now that I’ve teased you for a few hours, I’ll tell you all about that very nice person I mentioned yesterday.

Susie Gibbs is the owner of Juniper Moon Fiber Farm and she is the very nice person.  She has opened her website, which gets something like a bazillion hits a day and has been written up in such magazines as Country Living, for small retailers and craftspeople like Sandy and I to advertize on her site.  Not only that, in order to help people find out our on-line stores, she is helping each of us hold a contest so that lucky winners can win cool stuff.

This week is our turn to have a contest on Dyed in the Wool.  Just pop on over there, read today’s post and follow the instructions.

Then pop over to Juniper Moon and put a comment on their post about this contest telling them your top two choices, so that the winners get what they want.  Then check out all the cool stuff Susie and her crew are doing.  They have the nicest yarns all dyed there on the farm.  Also, Sandy and I split a Fall share from her and the Cormo fiber for spinning was absolutely wonderful!  Soft, perfectly clean and lovely.  We really enjoy reading all about her farm, the animals, those that work for her or visit her and there is always something new and interesting to read about or learn.  She is just the nicest person!  Actually, her whole staff are the nicest people, so kudos to all of them!

Jan 20

January in Indiana!  What did you think I was going to say?

The snow is coming down very finely today, and it is hard to capture it on camera.

Driving to meet a friend for lunch today was interesting.  Notice how the sky is the same color as the snow on the ground?

The weather service is predicting 3-6 inches of this before it peters out tonight, but I think we will be on the light end of that.  If the flakes were larger, then we’d be in trouble, but they aren’t.  Not that I’m complaining, however. 

It would be fun to just drive around in the country and take snow pictures today.

So, here is your week 17 picture.  I’m a bit disappointed that it looks foggy like a couple of weeks ago, which is another reason I was hoping for large flakes. 

Now for some great news!  Oh, wait…  I guess you’ll have to come back tomorrow for that part.  I hate to make you wait, but there you are.  Let’s just say, that there are some very nice people out there and tomorrow, I will tell you all about a very nice person and what she is doing for me and other small fiber retailers.

Until tomorrow, then!

Dec 5

Scott, Sandy and I have been working hard for several weeks now on a new enterprise for Sandy and I – A new on-line store for fiber and fiber related products and fun stuff.  Dyed in the Wool is now up and open for you to browse and make purchases.  Sandy and I are working hard to bring more and more merchandise to you – all of which will be created by us personally.  We are buying up fleeces, washing and processing them, dying tons of fiber, yarn, fabrics, shirts and many other things for your use. 

This is also the venue for The Fiber Binder Club, that wonderful, limited-membership club for spinners, fiber enthusiasts and those people wanting to learn more about all the different sources for the basic materials that go into the clothes we wear.  Please read this section on Dyed in the Wool for further information and how to sign up.  Those of you who have already signed up don’t need to do so again – you are on the list!

Needless to say, Sandy and I are really excited about our new venture.  You’ll read more about the process of creation behind these items here on Basically Benita, as well as all the other crazy things going on in the world around me, but it’s on Dyed in the Wool that you can buy and use these items for yourself (or tell your family and friends that you would you like Christmas gifts from our new store). 

Oh, and if there is something you’d like to see more of, please let us know.  We are more than open to suggestions, whether it be colors, specific fibers, colorways for yarns or what be it.

Now, go and take a gander at Dyed in the Wool– and meet Dye-Anna, our sweet mascot.  She’ll be happy to give you a tour!

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