Aug 22
Michigan Fiber Festival
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Last weekend was Michigan Fiber Festival and we had a blast!  First, it wasn’t as hot as in previous years, it didn’t rain (at least while we were there), and there were no tornadoes.


If you haven’t had the chance to see our new booth set up, I have to say we are pretty proud of it, and it works much better than previous ones.  Each year, we try to make it easier and better and we nailed it this year.  And we think our merchandise mix is better than ever as well.


This shows our new sample cards, which have more information on them than the old ones did.  As you can tell, I still have work to do one them, since those in the bottom right have nothing on them at all, and there are several not complete.  I intend to add felted samples as well, so I have my work cut out for me between now and the Fiber Expo the last weekend in October.


For most of Saturday, we were pretty swamped, which is a good thing.  Sandy and I really enjoyed talking to, laughing with and meeting everyone who stopped by.  Thank you everyone for coming to see us!!  I got lots of hugs, which I love.

Lincolnfolk sweater

This sweater was made from Lincolnfolk fiber, which we sell.  Isn’t it stunning?!?  No wonder the creator is so proud of it.  It definitely will keep her warm this winter – and stylish, too.


Sandy and I did get to do some shopping on Sunday.  Loop was at Michigan Fiber Festival for the first time ever, and they were just two booths down from us.  We both bought our first bull’s-eye bumps.  Sandy’s was called Shenanigans, which is pretty fitting, if you ask me.  You’ll have to wait until my podcast to see what all I brought home.

We did get some more fleeces, though.  We bought 5 Polypay fleeces from own normal source (basically what they brought for us), and a very special fleece from Richert Ranch.


This is a true black (so hard to photograph, but take my word for it) from a Lincolnfolk ewe lamb named Agnes.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!  It’s going to the front of the pack for washing and processing.  Seriously, this fleece is silky and glossy and everyone who saw it had the same reaction, “Oh my!”  Oh my is right!  We have dibs on her fleece as long as she stays black.  In fact, I put in dibs on all their black fleeces.  Lordy, I love Lincolnfolk fleeces.

The Dyed in the Wool site is back on line, now.  I do have several new fibers to upload, but those will have to wait until I have taken photos of them.  I am hoping to have them in the shop by the end of the week.

Now to get ready for the Fiber Expo!

Nov 3
Clearance Sale at Dyed in the Wool!
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With Christmas coming up, you might be looking for a gift for the spinner in your life – even if that spinner is you.  Well, here is your opportunity.  Vol. 2 of The Fiber Binder Club is on clearance for $50!  That is right!  It is on sale for less than half the original club price – while supplies last.  And there are very few left, so get them while you can.  Once they are sold out, there will be no more of this volume.

Nov 25
Discount Code for Dyed in the Wool!
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Just a heads up! There is a 10% discount code for Dyed in the Wool ( for everything in the shop beginning today through Monday, November 30th. The discount code is DITWBFCM10. This is for everything in the shop, including clearance items. Those items ordered by the end of the day November 30th will be shipped by December 4th so you should have plenty of time to get them before Christmas.

Aug 21
Dyed in the Wool Shop Date
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There is a shop update on Dyed in the Wool with 16 new fibers in the shop for your spinning pleasure.

Jun 12
New Stuff
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I have been spending time getting new tie-dyed items up in Dyed in the Wool.  For one, we have new shirts as well as some new scrunchies and a new hat (I really like the hat and have almost stolen it several times – and we started out with several more hats before the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival, but hats are hot sellers this year).  I also have lots and lots of new shoe laces in lots and lots of new colors to upload, but when I was processing the pictures, I ended up with one more inventory number than I had pictures.  You know what that means?  Yep!  I messed up someplace.  Rats!  Now, we have to do an item by item comparison with the photos to see which one is missing and make sure the number assigned to each picture really goes with it.  I can be such an idiot at times.  I tried to figure out how to blame it on Sandy, but I was the one taking the photos and since it is a photo missing,…  🙂

So, while you ca see the new shirts, scrunchies and a new hat, it’s gonna be a couple of days before you can see the new shoe laces.  Sorry…

Feb 26
Cut to a Commercial!
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Sandy and I will be at booth 41 at:

Craft Fair

I know I promised you more pictures from last weekend, but I have been super-swamped at work and I been working many extra hours.   I will get them up for you to see in a day or so.  In the meantime, I hope to see you Saturday.


Jan 12

I did it!  I have been working for months and months on designing several new color work sock patterns.  Cindy has been test knitting my patterns and I finally have the first pattern complete and ready to show you.

Trip Up The Nile Socks by Benita Story

Trip Up the Nile photo web

So, what do you think of them?

I have them available both as a pattern and as a full kit with yarn, pattern and reinforcement yarn on Dyed in the Wool.  They were really fun to design, and these are the simplest I have designed so far.  Each one ( and I am working on the 6th design right now out of 10)  gets a little more detailed and intricate than the last.

And as a bonus, each design has a story to go along with it.  Why? Well, you know I write scripts for comic books, right?  I decided that, since I can’t draw my own sequential art comic, I can turn my little stories into a sequential art socks, of which Trip Up The Nile is the very first.

So, if you have never taken a Trip Up The Nile, here’s your chance.  If you have, then here’s a reminder of your trip.  Either way, I hope you enjoy knitting them as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together for you.

Gee, what country will I take you to, next?


Dec 10
Beautiful New Inventory
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We have new spinning fibers available at Dyed in the Wool today.  Included are the 2011 National Champion Suri Alpaca, BFL, Romeldale, Romney and a very rare in the US, dark brown Polwarth, so get them while you can.

Dec 4

Leigh Tate with 5 Acres & A Dream has published a book based on her popular blog.  I helped edit this book so I definitely can say it is an invaluable addition to any library (I have ordered my copy already).  If you liked Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver or Sylvia’s Farm by Sylvia Jorrin, then you are going to love Leigh’s book.


Go and buy it – you’ll read it over and over again.  And if you are looking for good, solid information on creating your own self-sustaining homestead, Dan and Leigh’s experiences are a good place to begin.  If you just love reading how other people create a richer and more fulfilling life for themselves, then this book is for you.

And, go to 5 Acres & A Dream and congratulate Leigh on a job well-done.  She deserves it!!!

Nov 25

Beginning today and going through Sunday, December 1st, all orders over $100 from Dyed in the Wool will get free shipping to the US.  So, if you have a United States of America mailing address, this special deal is for you!  No coupon, no special code, just shop and spend at least $100 and we will ship it to you on our dime!


Dye-Anna says “Happy Thanksgiving!”


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